News: Last Chance for Eroticon Earlybird Tickets


At Cliterati, we’ve long been fans of Eroticon, the UK’s conference for sex bloggers and erotica writer: a weekend of workshops where you can learn, share, network and meet the people behind the names on your computer screen.

From honing your writing schools to to increasing your readership, selling your books to learning marketing strategies (from people including Cliterati founder Emily Dubberley), Eroticon offers a unique chance to network, learn and,of course, get to know other sex bloggers better (ahem).

Your ticket price includes access to all workshops, readings and demonstrations, priority access to all social events, a chance to meet the sponsors and sell your books (contact Eroticon for details) plus all catering on the day. Sex bloggers and erotic authors alike rave about the event:

We want to learn from each other experiences, hear about people’s sexualities and life styles and just spend time with other people who really get what it is we do because when we do, we come away enriched and nourished by sharing those things.

We want to talk and laugh and debate and feel like we belong and for me that is probably one the most amazing parts about this weekend was that I spent it with a truly awesome group of people where I felt like I belonged.

Molly Moore Sex Blogger

I had quality time with fabulous people – some who were my heroes before I spent time with them, and many who certainly were AFTER.

Gathering for a weekend with other sex writers, whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or blogging, makes me realize just how important what we do is. Sex writers are at the forefront of the boundary pushing that needs to happen for sexuality to stop being the nasty that’s hush-hush and separate from the rest of the human experience and become the vibrant, integrated celebration and perpetuator of life that it truly is.

We’ve got our work cut out for us, but wow, are we in good company!

KD Grace Writer

So if you’re an erotic writer, book your ticket now. Look forward to seeing you there.
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