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Chameleon is the first book in Totally Bound’s new line, Totally 5 Star – about a chain of uber-luxury hotels the world over. Ashe Barker’s book is set in Marrakesh, Morocco, and tells the story of Ethan Savage, who’s a friend of the Totally 5 Star CEO and is staying in the Marrakesh hotel. He’s in the country for his job as a mining engineer, and while out in the desert, he sees an intriguing Berber peasant go past on a donkey. He can only see her eyes – but it’s enough. He’s fascinated by the woman, and when he finishes his task and drives off in his car, he’s so distracted that he ends up having an accident.

Fortunately for Ethan, the woman is no peasant, but a doctor – at his hotel, no less. As she treats him in the desert, he quickly realises there’s a lot more to the woman than meets the eye. The pair are a world apart culturally, and yet there’s an attraction between them that neither of them can deny. Ethan can’t resist Fleur, and, realising Ethan is only in the country for a few days and she never has to see him again, Fleur’s resolve is worn down, too. Will they give in to the chemistry between them? And if they do, can they live with the consequences?

Chameleon was a brilliant book. Exotic, intriguing, unique, sexy… I loved the setting, the characters and the storyline. The sex scenes were super-hot, too. I kept wondering how it was going to turn out for the pair, and while I don’t do spoilers, let’s just say the ending is very satisfying. I’d definitely recommend this book to fans of BDSM erotic romance.

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