Books: Girls Who Score, edited by Ily Goyanes


Girls Who Score is a lesbian erotic anthology with a theme of athletics/sports. Edited by Ily Goyanes, this book also boasts contributions from writers such as Sacchi Green, D. L. King, Delilah Devlin, Shanna Germain, Sinclair Sexsmith, Sommer Marsden, Cheyenne Blue and many more.

The tales have roller derby, soccer, hockey, scuba diving, gym-related sex and lots of other sexy, sweaty sports variety. I really liked the range of stories, showing off the imaginations of the writers incredibly well. My particular favourites were Chairs by Sommer Marsden, Run, Jo, Run by Cheyenne Blue and Goddess in a Red-and-Blue Speedo by D.L. King.

As with all anthologies, there were stories included that I wasn’t keen on – a couple I read the first couple of pages then skipped the rest altogether. But the good stories far outweigh these, making this a good book choice for those that enjoy lesbian erotic fiction.

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