Erotica: Sir and Little Girl… A Bad Day At The Office

FYI: if rough sex isn’t your bag you’d best move along now…

The door slammed. She heard his keys being thrown onto the console table in the hall and braced herself. Like a tornado, he tore into the kitchen, his face and mood dark as an overcast sky; eyes blazing, jaw tense, mouth twisted into a snarl. She watched his hands drop to his waist as he undid his leather belt, feeling an exquisite blend of arousal and trepidation; a hot, throbbing itch between her legs.

“Turn around. Hands on the counter,” he commanded.

She turned and placed her hands on the smooth oak counter top and bent over, sticking her ass out slightly and tensed herself in anticipation. His hands roughly shoved her skirt up over her hips and yanked down her underwear to her knees.

She heard the crack of the belt cutting through the air before the sting spread across her buttocks, red hot. Biting her lip as the next blow landed, the metallic taste coated her tongue, tears sprung to her eyes. The leather connected once more, this time on her thighs, wrapping around and clipping the front as well as the back, a low whimpering moan escaped from her bloody lips.

He watched the redness rise on her bare ass, felt himself grow stiff and rained down three more blows over her skin, relishing the heady sensations of total power and control that coursed through him.

She was perfect. Always ready to satisfy his needs. His little fucktoy.

Trembling, legs shaking, she clung on to the counter waiting for the next thrashing. Instead, she felt his hand grabbing a tight fistful of her chestnut hair and jerking her head back. She stilled; stayed in the position he wanted and swallowed as she felt the belt snake around her neck, the cool buckle tightening at the nape. Her breathing slowed and became shallower as she surrendered herself to the constriction he applied, eyelids half-closed, mouth open. Her nipples hardened, tingled, ached to be pinched or bitten. The wetness between her legs intensified as she pressed her naked thighs together and squirmed.

Her eyes flew open as she felt his rough, calloused fingers part her thighs and plunge deep inside her. He began finger fucking her; hard, slamming her hips against the edge of the kitchen cupboard. His other hand remained gripping the belt, preventing her from pulling away as he pounded his fingers into her, growing harder and stiffer with every thrust.

The need to possess her was overwhelming.

He needed to claim her.

Use her.

Every orifice.


Dropping his hold on the belt, he opened his zip and released his throbbing erection. He grabbed her hip and rubbed it teasingly against her dripping slit.

She was always so ready for him. Such a good little slut!

Thrusting his hips, he entered her, smashing her against the cupboard, his hand in her hair, holding her face pressed down against the oak counter, so he could see one eye looking back up at him, smudged mascara staining her cheek. Pounding into her, releasing the frustration and anger he had pent up inside himself all day. Knowing she wanted nothing more than to please him, to be his little fucktoy, the need to make her totally his once again surged through him.

Pulling out of her abruptly, smirking at her disappointed groan, he spun her around and pushed her to her knees on the hard granite floor. She opened her mouth wide, ready for him and he rammed himself into her, forcing her to deepthroat him. Tears leaked from her eyes as she gagged on his length, looking up at him as he thrust repeatedly into her throat, gripping the back of her head, keeping her from pulling back. He looked down at her, feeling the tightness of her throat around him, loving the agony on her face.

Knowing that he couldn’t hold out much longer, he withdrew from her drooling mouth and pressed her down onto all fours, positioning himself behind her. She raised her ass in offering to him and he spread her cheeks wide. Holding his cock in one hand, he teased her opening with it before slowly pushing into her most private, most intimate place. A groan escaped her lips as she felt him filling her completely; hot and throbbing. Painful, burning, but so, so good.

She wanted to be owned.


Used by him.

It was a deep, primal need in her that only he could fulfil. Her brain fogged, her vision blurred, she was vaguely aware of the sound of her own cries and grunts. She felt outside of her own body; floating, free. At this moment he could do anything to her and she would permit it.

This was the place she needed to be; no thoughts, no cares, no worries.



Flying through the ecstasy of subspace.

Slamming into her, faster, harder, slapping her ass cheeks, knowing her knees would be raw from the cold hard floor, he felt it overtake him. He bucked and spasmed as he came, feeling the tightening and then the sweet release of his hot load erupting into her. Sweating, breathless, he lifted up her limp body, his arm cradling her under her breasts, one hand cupping her throat, tenderly resting her head against his chest and whispered in her ear, “My little girl… I love you.”

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