Erotica: Spring Awakening (Part Eight)

The feeling was too big to hold inside. And so it was that I plied myself with drink until I was brave enough to share. I had hoped things would flow naturally. And they did – but in a way so unexpected that I am still reeling from reality.

I cooked dinner, having enquired about his favourite meal: negotiating something more complex than his initial well-meaning suggestion of a stir fry. He wanted to make things simple for me. But it would not have taken enough time or care for me to convey what I wanted.

All my desire was channelled into attention to detail while cooking: browning the meat and sautéing the vegetables until they were perfectly caramelised, the better to add flavour. Where I am usually lavish with butter, I held back, knowing he is trying to eat healthily- though could not resist adding enough to give a creaminess to the dish. And then, I left it to simmer, letting the skin crisp and the flavours meld. It was not a meal but emotion in edible form.

When he declared it perfect, I could have kissed him – but still, I held back. I did not want to force the pace: did not want to impose myself upon him but instead for us to come together if it felt right.

It was only as the evening turned to night and his thoughts turned to leaving that I could hold back no longer. I had been drinking faster- not enough to be drunk, but a desperate attempt to give myself the courage to tell him what I wanted.

I still felt the fear. I did it anyway.

One kiss was all it took.

The joy of true intimacy is that it connects those involved. As such, there are some things that will never be shared but instead, kept locked inside, precious memories more priceless than the rarest gemstones. Suffice to say we came together. It felt right.

And now, two days on, I am still reeling from the memory – of that night and the lunch we shared today.

Conversation flowed as easily as ever, more easily even, now our flirting is undercut with the knowledge of what we have shared; what we want to share.

I messaged him in response to his lunch invitation saying he could come over whenever – and wherever – he wants. He appreciates the offer.

And he is coming over tomorrow night. We are watching the Blood Moon together.

He mentioned he may slip a toothbrush into his back pocket.

I never thought I would find the word toothbrush so sexy.

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