Stray Kat by Exhibit A #4

If you’re new to this Wednesday post by Exhibit A see my introduction here. He’s in a dominant mood today and there’s some punishment about to be doled out. Enjoy.

Stray Kat

“Take them off.”

Kathryn let my cock slip out of her mouth and propped herself up on the pillow. “Why don’t you take them off for me?”

Brave move. Bad move.

“Ok, but if I have to do it for you, I’m not going to let you suck me again afterwards.”

I waited as Kathryn mulled that one over. We’d been passing my cock back and forth between us for the best part of half an hour. Her mouth. My hand. Her hand. She knew I wasn’t far off giving her what she’d asked for. Asked for as soon as I’d arrived home from work to find her sitting on my doorstep like a stray cat.

“I need to taste you. I’ve needed it all week.”

She said it as I jammed my key in the lock. Too hard. Yeah, my dick too. I glanced down and saw her looking at it. Big brown eyes, perfect hair and make-up – this wasn’t an impulsive visit. She curled a hand round the back of my leg and rested her cheek on my thigh. I could feel how warm it was even through my trousers. Kathryn got like that sometimes. Restless. Hungry. Hot.

The second the door closed, her fingers reached for my zip, and I knew she’d suck me off right there in the corridor if I let her, outside my neighbour’s apartment. It was tempting, but not quite what I had in mind. I wanted her somewhere private – somewhere I could unpick her and break her down at my leisure. Make her less pretty – and more pretty too.

I had to half-carry her up the stairs. Kathryn’s the best part of a foot shorter than me, but she knows how to turn herself into a dead weight, and her feet seemed to drag over every step as I pulled her along. That got logged away too. Months earlier, I’d told her how things were going to be. Yes, we can play, but each time you fuck with me, each time you’re defiant or disobedient or slow to do as you’re told, there will be consequences. I’ll take it out on your arse, and I’ll sure as hell take it out on that sweet little mouth of yours.

For the most part, that suited Kathryn just fine. She had a lot of strings to her sexual bow, but every now and then all she wanted was to have her throat fucked till she cried, and then curl up in my arms as I stroked her hair and kissed away the tears. Simple pleasures, right?

We made it to my room, and before I’d even kicked off my shoes, Kathryn had scooted over to the bed and stripped down to her underwear. No further though: that was always her way of telling me that she wanted it in her mouth and nowhere else, at least not yet. I was happy to oblige. She’s good at sucking cock – too good really, because she gets smug about it, and a bit too comfortable in the control it gives her. Any time that happens, I have to take steps to redress the balance, and that…well, that tends to hurt her more than it hurts me.

When I told Kathryn to take off her knickers, it wasn’t because I intended to fuck her. I just wanted to see her soft, lush body laid out on my bed: in the dictionary I carry around in my brain, that’s the image found next to ‘perfect’. I wanted to come in her mouth and over her tits; to smear it across her forehead and tell her what a good girl – what a special little slut – she was for showing up like that and sucking my dick. In other words, all I wanted was to make her happy.

“Why don’t you take them off for me?” After I’d given her a direct order? Yeah, bad move.

“Mm, please take them off. I’m really wet, so you can just put it inside me.”

I could see her point. It’s not like we hadn’t done it that way plenty of times before. She’d suck me, then I’d fuck her for a bit, or lie back and let her ride my cock. In the end, she’d still get to taste me, but only after having an orgasm or two of her own. This was different though. This required something different.

I swung round and rolled Kathryn’s knickers down off her hips. White cotton: the M&S Special. As I pulled them over her thighs, I felt the crotch – she was right, they were soaked through, to the point where the fabric almost looked translucent. Kathryn wriggled a bit, trying to force them down faster. There was something conflicted in the way she looked at me. Even though the decision had been made, I knew she was still trying to work out where she wanted my cock. Mouth or cunt. Cunt or mouth. Maybe he’ll change his mind and I’ll get both. Both would be great.

She got neither. I pulled her knickers all the way off and balled them up in my fist. So soft, even though she’d probably bought them years ago and washed them a thousand times. I knelt beside her, wrapped my other hand around my cock, and started to pump it up and down.

“No matter how many times I tell you, you just don’t learn. You wanted to taste me, right? Well you’re going to taste me. I’m going to come all over these knickers – I’m going to fucking ruin them, in fact – and then you’re going to suck as much of it out of them as you can.”

Kathryn’s eyes widened and her fingers moved instinctively down towards her cunt. I batted them away with the scrunched-up underwear, and as I felt the first twinge between my legs, I buried the head of my cock in the warm cotton.

“No no no, you fucking bastard.” Kathryn smacked the mattress in frustration. I closed my eyes and smiled, then everything went a bit fuzzy, in the way it always does when you get swept off by that rush of pleasure.

As the last few drops pulsed out onto my thigh, I squeezed the underwear in my hand, letting the cum soak through it. Kathryn tried to sit, but I pushed her back down and straddled her again.

“Don’t even try it. You brought this on yourself, you disobedient little slut. Now open your mouth – don’t make me do that for you as well.”

She moaned, and as her lips parted, I stuffed the underwear between them, and poked it all the way inside her mouth. As I felt my finger hit the back of her throat, she clutched at my arm and blinked, water starting to gather at the corners of her eyes.

“You can taste me now, right? I want you to keep sucking on those till I tell you to stop. If you do a good job, I might even get down between your legs and taste you for a bit. When we’re done, you’re going to put your knickers back on, go home, and make yourself come in them. Is that understood?”

Kathryn nodded. She took her hand off my wrist and I pressed two fingers against her lips, forcing them to close around her knickers. I watched her chest rise and fall as she struggled to control her heart rate and breathe through her nose. I rolled off the bed and stretched. There was beer in the fridge, and it had been a long day. A long week, really. I walked across the room and into the kitchen. Kathryn wasn’t going anywhere – not yet, anyway.

I shut the door behind me.


Exhibit A April 2014

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