eBook Review: A Way Home by Keira Andrews


I’m a huge fan of the previous two books in this series, so I was eager to get my hands on this third (and sadly final) instalment, A Way Home. It’s difficult to review series books without mentioning things which may be spoilers for the previous books – so if you haven’t read the other two books, I’d suggest looking away now, or maybe skipping to the end of the review.

A Way Home tells the story of David and Isaac, due to a family emergency, returning to Zebulon. Almost immediately, the pressure is on – their families are using this opportunity to get them to return to the fold, to their Amish roots. While the boys are stricken with more guilt over leaving, and struggling to hide their true selves, deep down, they know they’ll never return to Zebulon to live. They love their families – but they also love each other, and those things can’t co-exist side by side.

The complications grow, but on the bright side, it seems to push David and Isaac closer together, helping them to forget events back in San Francisco which threatened to tear them apart. Stronger together, the boys are determined to weather the storm in Zebulon and return to the west coast happier than ever.

This was another page turner of a read. Keira Andrews has written a corker of a trilogy here, so different and unique, and yet still containing struggles we all face. It’s wrapped up nicely, but if Andrews ever decided to continue David and Isaac’s story, I’d still read on to find out what their lives have in store next. They’re incredibly lovable characters, and ones I was sad to leave behind. A Way Home is a fantastic read, and one I’d recommend to gay romance fans.

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