Erotica: Radio Waves

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You’d never guess I was submissive to look at me. I’m your classic loud blonde, always first to the bar and last to leave, ripping the piss out of anyone that stands in my way. But there are times when I really want someone who’s going to take me in hand, tell me what they’re going to do – and deliver. The night I met Doug was one such night…

Doug was a radio DJ; black haired with a fit body and a sarcastic turn of phrase. I met him at an awards ceremony. Our sales team was up for an award and so was he. We got chatting at the bar, when I wished him good luck

.’All I want is the chance to nut Billy Banter’, he said, naming the popular breakfast show presenter who was hosting the ceremony.

‘Yeah, right.’ I said. ‘You want to win this as much as I do.’

‘We’ll see. I get what I want.’

He moved away before I had a chance to retort, but not before I’d had a chance to see the evil glint in his eye which sent a rush of lust flowing through my body.

As it was, neither of us won. Our sales team was beaten by a team of 100 who just answered the phone to make a sale. He was beaten by Jack the Lad, a cheesy chappy who stuck to the playlist and was the housewives’ favourite because he was innocuous enough to be non-threatening. I settled into the bar, drowning my sorrows. We met again when we both tried to steal a bottle of champagne from the winner’s table.’I thought you always got what you wanted.’ I said. ‘So, how are you feeling?’

‘Pissed.’ he replied. ‘How about you?’ I saw the same glint in his eye.
‘Pissed and horny.’ I said. ‘Fancy commiserating in private?’
‘You’re a bit arrogant aren’t you?’
‘I get what I want too.’
‘Why the hell not then. I’d hate to ruin your average.’

We collected our coats, hiding the bottle of champagne in them, and hailed a cab.
‘So do you often go home with strange men?’he asked.
‘Only ones I like the look of.’
‘Aren’t you worried you might get more than you’re after?’ He put his hand on my thigh and started rubbing his fingers against its soft inner skin.
‘I like to gamble.’ I replied, as a thrill of nervous lust went through me.

We got back to his place and he invited me in for coffee. By this time, I was already turned on and knew that I didn’t care how far things went. He wasn’t about to let me down. The second we got inside, he pushed me against the wall and bit my neck.’I know what you want. You’re a slut. You want me to tell you exactly what to do and you’ll do it, no matter what. Am I right? If not, tell me now and I’ll stop now. Otherwise…’

I whimpered, my lust taking full control.
‘Good. Because the first thing you’re going to do is suck my cock. And you’d better suck it well, because otherwise I’ll cum all over your face. And you won’t be allowed to clean it off until I’ve fucked you in every hole and you’ve begged me for more. Are we clear?’

I sank to my knees and eagerly took his cock deep into my throat.’That’s right you slut. You love it, don’t you. You love sucking on my cock. And you really want to get it wrong so you can feel my cum sliding over your cheeks, so you can smell it and taste it while I’m fucking you up the arse.’

I couldn’t help it. My teeth slipped from behind the sheath of my lips and grazed his cock ever so gently.He groaned. ‘I thought so. You know you’re going to have to be punished for that.’He took his cock in his hand and began wanking it over my face.

‘Look at me while I’m doing this. I’m going to cum all over you. You’re going to feel it sliding down you cheeks and trickling over your tits and you’re only going to taste it when I wipe it all over your lips.’ I gazed at his hard cock, watching it darken as he came closer and closer to cumming.
‘Close your eyes, slut. I’m going to cum in your face.’My cunt twitched as I felt his warm cum cover me.True to his word, as the last spurt went over my tits, he moved his cock to my lips.
‘Lick it clean, slut. I want it nice and wet before I fuck you up the arse.’

I lapped at it, revelling in the salty, bitter taste and knowing that soon I’d be on all fours in front of him.He didn’t disappoint. As soon as he began to stiffen in my mouth, he moved away.

‘Right. You’re going into that room on the left. You’re going to take off your clothes and begin fingering your arsehole. I’ll come in when I’m good and ready – and if I don’t find you doing what you’re told, you can forget the lube. Well. What are you waiting for?

‘I stood up and did exactly what he said.As soon as I got into the bedroom, I started stripping off, desperate to start masturbating.
‘…and I don’t want you touching your cunt.’ his voice drifted in from outside the bedroom. ‘If anyone’s going to touch it, it’s me. And only then if you do what you’re told.’

I peeled of my clothes, lay on the bed, licked my fingers and slid one into my arsehole. I’d never been fucked that way before but I’d always been intrigued by the idea and pissed and horny seemed as good a time to try it as any. I heard the door open and tried to push my finger as far up as I could to give him a good display. My arsehole contracted, unused to the entry but I could feel my juices tricking on to my finger and used them to lubricate it enough to put on a decent show.

‘Not bad’ he said. ‘If you carry on behaving, I might even lick your pussy later. Now get on all fours and close your eyes.’

I did as he said. He moved behind me and I felt him fiddling around with something that felt tickly around my arsehole before a tongue joined my finger. I faltered.

‘Carry on.’ he said. ‘I’m just making it easier to get my cock up you.’
I squirmed as he tickled me again.
‘It’s a dam,. You don’t think I’d lick your slutty arsehole without something in the way do you? Who knows where you’ve been?’

There was a tease in his harsh words and, as his tongue teased my arsehole, I felt myself really getting into it and was soon moaning with pleasure.
‘I knew you’d like it, slut,’ he said. I felt cold lube trickling onto my arsehole, heard him rip open a condom packet and stretch it over his straining cock, then he began moving his cock up to my tight arse and rubbing the head of it against my entrance ‘..and you do, don’t you?’

It felt dark, wrong but more than anything, I wanted to please him; to show him I was just as filthy as he thought – and then some. I flexed my arse cheeks, loosening up the muscles, then pushed my arse back towards him, urging him to slide the first inch in.
‘You’re a good little slut, aren’t you,’ he said, taking it slowly but stretching my arse regardless. I gasped with pain but the sting soon subsided as he slid his length up me and I felt my muscles gripping him. I started to arch towards him, desperate to take his whole length up my arse, feeling dirtier than I ever had in my life.

‘You’re a dirty little slut who loves taking it up the arse while you’re got a face full of cum. Admit it or I’ll stop.’I groaned out the words, taking the chance to lick some of his cum from the side of my mouth, desperate to feel him cum up me, knowing that he’d be as good as his word and suck and fuck me after.’Tell me you want to cum up your arse.’
‘I want it.’
‘Tell me properly.”I want you to cum up my arse. Please!’ I groaned.
‘I knew it… slut!’ and with that, I felt his cock pulse, spasming inside me in an orgasm that seemed to last for an age. My arse contracted against him and he moved his fingers down to my pussy, rubbing my clit gently but with intent.
‘Good little slut. For that you get to come.’

His fingers expertly teased me, two fingers sliding inside me to caress my G-spot as hs humb softly circled my clit. He hit my shoulder and whispered, ‘Come for me baby. Show me you’re my good little slut.’
That was it! I started spasming around him, my pussy flooding with juice as his fingers kept up their exquisite movements, his cock still hard in my arse. I thought my orgasm would never stop, and was gasping and wheezing in pleasure as he milked it for every bit of pleasure he could. Eventually, it stopped and I flopped forward onto the bed. He pulled out.
‘Come here.’ He opened his arms and I lay on his chest, taking a breather but desperate for him to fuck me.
‘Was that OK?
”I never thought I’d enjoy it – but I loved it.’ I wasn’t lying. Even though I’d only just come, I was desperate for more. I wriggled closer to him, grinding my pussy against his thigh.

‘You really are a horny little slut, aren’t you. Well, since you were so good, I guess I’ll give you some more.’

He moved between my thighs and ran his tongue so gently over my clit I thought I’d cry.
‘You like that?’ I pushed my hips up, rubbing my clit into his face and he sucked harder, taking me to my second orgasm in a matter of moments – it never takes me long to come second time round if I’m really hyped up.
‘You really did like it. So I suppose you deserve a fuck too.’

He slid on a condom and pushed his cock hard up me, pinning my arms above my head.
‘I knew you were a dirty slut the second I saw you. And I told you I always get what I want.’
He hammered harder and harder into me, mingling the borderline between pleasure and pain as he fucked me. The second he felt me coming around him, he came inside me, biting my neck hard.
‘And I told you,’ I whispered his ear, ‘that I get what I want too.’

I turned my back on him, curled up and drifted off to sleep, savouring the smell of sex in the air, knowing that the memory of the night would serve as great masturbation material for months to come. As to whether I’d see him again? I decided to wait until morning before I committed myself to anything, and see whether he was as good sober as he was drunk. A slut has her needs, after all.


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