Erotica: Freefall

Image by Kate Shields

It’s Saturday night and I’m bored. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence. It takes a lot to keep me entertained: I’m very much a ‘live fast, die young’ kind of person, I guess. Unless a weekend contains sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, it feels like something’s missing.

Especially sex.

I used to be satisfied with a quick shag with some pretty twenty-something – and that’s easy enough for me to get. I work in the music industry so there’s always some hot chick looking for a big break. Of course, I’m more than happy to provide the big…

Or at least, I was. Then I met Louise – a softly-spoken thirty something – she never did tell me her exact age – who worked as an A&R. From the start, I knew she was different. Although she gave me every sign that she found me attractive, that was as far as it went. She made it very clear that unless I was prepared to put in some effort, I wasn’t going to get anywhere. Usually, I’d just move on to an easier target but her distance was teamed with a natural sexuality that made me think she’d be worth the chase. And she was.

It took me six months to get her into bed. Six months. I’d got singles into the charts quicker than that! I’d tempted her back to my place with a promise of hearing the latest album from one of her favourite bands. She was still waiting on her copy from the PR. The bitch only made me play it to her, start to finish – including the bonus tracks – before giving into my charms. Every time I’d moved closer to her while it was playing, she’d just edged away and ‘shushed’ me.

But when the album finally finished and she deigned to let me kiss her, it was unlike any kiss I’d ever experienced before. We’d been drinking Jack Daniels and having a smoke while we listened to the music. When my tongue finally slipped between her lips, she tasted of rock’n’roll. And although it had taken me a long time to get to this point, once I’d finally made physical contact, she moved fast – and was insatiable. The kiss soon became clashing tongues, with plenty of biting and hungry grasping. The first time I slipped my length into her sopping pussy, fucking her hard doggy style over the sofa, she bucked back against it, mewing with pleasure. I was feeling like ‘the man’ reducing her to nothing more than a lust-crazed body. But just as I thought I finally had her, she turned her head and, smiling at me over her shoulder said ‘your cock makes me want to feel you in my arse’. The way she said it was so base, so animal that I spunked inside her right there, right then. She immediately started grinding back against me, hand on clit, determined to get her orgasm before I stopped coming. And she did. Louisa certainly knew her own body.

From there, we fell into a torrid relationship. There was no ‘usual’ escalation going on. Every time I thought things had got as hot as they could, she ramped things up a gear. The second time I saw her – unplanned, at a gig – she was true to her word of wanting me in her arse. She wordlessly walked up to me, grabbed my hand, led me to the toilets and, with one hand on the cistern and her skirt raised, spat on her hand to lube up her tight hole.

“Get your cock out and fuck my arse,” she said.

She was one horny girl.

After I’d shot inside her, she pulled up her knickers, rubbed them against her skin to trap our combined juices then slipped them off and into my hand before heading back into the venue. She didn’t ask me to go home with her – didn’t need to. She’d got what she wanted. I’ve since come into those knickers more times than I can remember.

There was no way I could ignore a woman that dirty so I called her the next day and arranged a date. And that’s where I first learned about BDSM. By the end of the night – or rather, 6am the following morning, she’d tied me up, spanked me, fucked me with a strap on, made me suck it clean – and I’d fallen in love. She’d shown me real intimacy, looked into my eyes as she degraded me, and finally let me see her vulnerability, looking into my eyes as she used my cock to give herself an orgasm. At the point she came, there were tears in her eyes. Afterwards, she simply said ‘I’m yours. And you’re mine.’

The next time, she showed me her submissive side. Straddling her bound body, wanking my cock over her face until I shot my load over her is an image that will stay in my mind forever. And when I released her hands from the cuffs, the first thing she did was move her fingers to her face, wipe up my cum and lick her fingers clean.

“Next time, you can take things further,” she said. “I can take it.”

So I did.


Sometimes I hate being a man. It was all going so well with Louise. She was breaking through every boundary I thought I had, and a few I’d never even imagined existed. I was descending into true debauchery – my body was hers, and hers mine. But then, I was out one night and I saw Emma. Utterly different from Louise, she was a cute innocent looking 21-year-old. The type I’d always gone for before. I don’t know whether it was the beer or my soul’s attempt to save itself but I woke up the next morning with Emma in my bed. And the phone ringing. Louise. The music industry is small. I should have known better than to pull at a club. She said just two words. “It’s over.”

Of course, I didn’t see Emma again. What was the point – she was a pretty but bland girl who barely knew how to suck cock, let alone anything deviant. But Louise didn’t care that it had been a meaningless night. I’d been hers, she’d been mine. And then I’d broken her trust.

So now, I’m destined to be bored forever. There’s no way that I’ll ever meet a woman who could do the things that Louise did to me. Part of me is scared to even search for it – when there are no limits, you’re in freefall and you don’t care about how hard you’re going to crash.

And right now, it’s the crash that I crave.

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