Erotica: Office Lust by Calico Costello

The worst thing about the recession is the fact that there are absolutely no jobs out there. I’m a qualified Graphic Designer, I slaved away at university for three years and yet here I am temping for an insurance firm doing administrative duties whilst slowly losing the will to live. Could it possibly get much worse? Yes. My boss, after just two days of working there, seems to have taken an instant disliking to me and has inundated me with an impossible workload.

I study her as she walks through the open plan office to the photocopier. A tight black pencil skirt and a matching suit, perfectly tailored to her curves. She bends over to reload the paper tray and I find myself rather intensely staring at her rear, for a woman of 45 it is incredibly pert. She turns around and glares at me and I quickly turn away pretending to type frantically. As she walks past me I get a waft of her perfume, a strangely masculine, cologne like scent which makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Could it be that I’m actually attracted to this evil control freak?

She chucks a huge pile of invoices on my desk and sternly says “By the end of the day report to the office. We need to discuss your performance here, make sure sure you’ve finished this first”. Her face contorts into a mean smirk and she walks back to her desk. I hang my head in my hands, two days on the job and I am already in trouble.

Filing the invoices takes me ages, a near impossible task. I see my colleagues slowly one by one pack up for the day and pass me with a sympathetic look in their eyes. Finally we are alone. With my head hung low I heavily drop the the neatly ordered invoices on her desk. Without even looking up and with one sweep of the arm she knocks the heavy pile of papers on the floor along with the rest of the contents of her desk. I look down on the floor and a smashed photo of her husband looks up at me.

Five hours of insane concentration down the drain, my face flushes with rage and I scream “What the fuck do you want from me?!” Much to my shame tears start to form in my eyes.

She reclines in her chair and smiles “I want to you bend over and pick them up like a good little girl”. She circles the wedding band on her left hand and ushers me to the pile of scattered papers.

The angry redhead in me wants to slap her in the face but at the same time I realise how incredibly turned on I am. My submissive side takes over and I get on my knees and begin to pick up the papers. I hear her rise and walk towards me. I stay on my knees amongst the scattered mess and I gaze up at her, she stands in an authoritative pose with her legs slightly parted looking at me expectantly. Without permission I slowly slide my hand up her calf waiting for her approval. Momentarily I see her face soften and her feel her leg tremble, I take it as a green light and raise her skirt. I run my hand up to her thigh and pause, she smiles and I go a little further until I reach her pussy. I am pleasantly surprised to see that not only is she without knickers, she is also extremely wet.

Shocked by my forwardness I quickly retract my hand, she shakes her head and sits on the edge of her desk, beckoning me over with her finely manicured finger. Looking up at her I slowly raise her skirt until she is completely exposed. I am in awe of her pussy, exquisitely presented with a neatly groomed landing strip and soaking wet. I run my hands up and down her legs as she opens her them wider. I resist temptation and lean forwards her to unclick the cream, lace suspenders she’s wearing. My face is now so close that I can smell her. I gently remove her court shoes and slide her stockings off, by far the best present I have ever unwrapped. Like a greedy child at Christmas I don’t stop there, I rip open her suit jacket and then her blouse exposing her small but pert breasts, buttons popping everywhere. I lean over to touch them but she smacks my hand and directs me back to my knees and raises her legs slightly.

I run my tongue up her thigh and pause. She strokes the top of my head, her breath quivering as she pulls me roughly by the hair closer to her soaking cunt. The heat between her legs is overwhelming. I remind myself to be patient. I run my tongue up her slit, savouring her juices- she tastes amazing. I place my hands on the inside of her thighs to further part her legs. I run my tongue over her throbbing clit in a circular motion, she squeals with delight and thrusts herself further towards me. It is at this precise moment that I decide that I definitely have a newfound penchant for married older women.

I grab her by the hips digging my nails into her soft flesh, pulling her even closer as I plunge my tongue into her cunt. I move to her clit to resume the circular motion and I very slowly slide my fingers inside her, at first just one and then two. I locate her g-spot and start working her in an almost hypnotic rhythm. I lap up her juices occasionally looking up at her face staring her straight in the eyes as I no doubt please her better than her husband has in years. She knocks her head back in sheer ecstasy and her thighs begin to quiver in that oh so familiar fashion. Her back arches, the walls of her pussy contract and a gush of hot liquid explodes from inside her.

For me it’s a triple whammy experience, the first time I’ve made a woman squirt, the first married woman I’ve ever had and twenty years my senior no less. She lays on her desk momentarily in a post orgasmic heap. Her perfectly formed chest heaves, I pause to admire her erect nipples and gently run my fingers over them, she shivers. I stand up, lean over and gently kiss her. I slide my tongue inside her mouth and letting her taste her own juices, she reciprocates with a hard and passionate kiss. She smiles and looks me straight in the eye gently stroking my face, her voice now soft and breathy. She looks up at me intensely still laying on the desk and whispers “Your turn office girl”.

She slides of the desk with her skirt still raised to her hips, her raw pussy still on display. I follow her lead and stand up to face her and reach in for a kiss. She stops me almost instantly by grabbing me by the neck and slams me up against the wall. ‘Pull your underwear down but keep your heels on’.

I comply with baited breath and drop my soaking panties to the floor. With one hand tightly clasped around my neck she licks her fingers with a wicked look in her eye. I tremble with a mixture of anticipation and fear. Without warning she slides a finger inside my soaking pussy, I almost collapse from the pleasure but she keeps me up right with her firm grip around my neck. She takes her finger out and pushes it in my mouth, slowly sliding it out she proceeds to put two fingers inside me and eventually four. By this point I am so wet I could just about take anything but this woman is driving me insane. She thrusts her hand inside me until she is knuckle deep in my pussy stretching me so hard it hurts.

Again she removes them: this time she lets me taste myself, putting all four fingers in my mouth. She traces the juices up my quivering thighs and back to my pussy. This time with a rougher thrust she puts all four fingers inside me. I feel her fingers shift into a triangular position as she pushes further, my legs begin to buckle but her grip on my neck tightens.

She grins at me and mutters “Are you ready for this office girl?”

I don’t even have time to answer before she pushes herself full force inside me. I jump a little as her grip on my neck tightens and she slides her whole hand inside me. I feel her fist clenching as she slides slowly up and down, I feel as though I am about to explode, I have never felt anything so painful and so extremely pleasurable in my life. Her other hand is so tight around my neck I can barely breath but I manage to whisper “I…am….about….come”. Her grip only tightens until finally just about every part of my body contorts and I come harder than I’ve ever done before. Asphyxiation and fisting is definitely where it’s at. She slowly slides out, and unexpectedly kisses me softly on the lips and releases my neck. She looks at me right in the eyes and whispers “I hope that’s not the last time that happens, I’ll have an even bigger pile of invoices to file if you’re around tomorrow evening…”

I catch my breath and straighten my clothes out and grin “I’ll see you at nine tomorrow boss”. I wink at her and saunter to the door still feeling the aftermath of her rough fisting knowing I would never return- this would undoubtedly be the subject of many future wanks.

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