Erotica: The Velvet Glove

Many of my darkest sexual moments have happened when I’ve been somewhat inebriated. It’s not so much that I wouldn’t try things when I’m sober – but alcohol makes it easier to admit what I want. That night with Ben was no exception.

We’d been seeing each other for a while and things had started to get a bit vanilla for my liking. After a heavy night at a tequila bar, I decided to drag him back to my place. We hadn’t had sex for a few weeks – a symptom of the vanilla syndrome – so he was more than happy to oblige.

We started to snog on the tube and by the time we got off the train, I was already wet. He was feeling frisky too, and was touching me up all the way home, slipping his hand into my knickers and toying with my clit – no mean feat given that I was wearing jeans!

As soon as we got in the door, I dropped to my knees and started sucking him off – something that always makes me wet. Stopping before he came, I led him into the bedroom and peeled off my clothes. “I want you to make me really wet – but don’t let me come yet.”
“Why?” he asked”
“It’s a surprise.”
He looked a bit confused but decided to go with it and was soon between my legs licking and sucking on my clit. I kept pulling away every time I got close to coming and soon I was so turned on that my juices were covering my thighs.

“I want to feel your fingers up me.”
He moved up the bed and kissed me with his juice soaked mouth. Sliding a finger up my cunt, he whispered in my ear “Do you like that?”
I pushed my hips up onto his finger in answer but still wanted more. I wanted to be filled.
“Give me the rest of your fingers.”
“All of them?”
“I want to feel your whole fucking fist up my cunt – treat me like a slut.”
“You are a slut!” he whispered. “That’s why I love you.”

He eased each of his fingers into me one by one, first getting them wet with my juices and then pushing them up me.
“Do you like that?” he asked, as he stretched my cunt wide with four fingers.
I felt filled but wanted to feel really dirty. “Give me more.”

He twisted his hand around, getting the knuckles wet enough to slide up my cunt. I breathed in sharply at the initial pain, then felt my cunt twitching eagerly as his hand slid up me. “Look down” he said. I saw his hand embedded in my cunt right up the the wrist. “You’re a dirty little slut who loves been fist-fucked aren’t you.” The combination of his words and the sensation of being filled so much more than ever before sent me over the edge. I started to come hard, feeling every convulsion grip his wrist which made me even hornier. He lapped at my clit as I came, making it go on and on. It must have lasted about 5 minutes and was so physically overpowering I ended up with tears of joy streaming down my face.

We haven’t really talked about that night since. Neither of us can admit sober how much we enjoyed something so dirty. It’s not something I’d do on a regular basis – I was too sore the next day. But the next time I get bored of the taste of vanilla, I may well drag him to that tequila bar again…

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