Erotica: Your Punishment

You’ve turned your phone off. You think that’s going to do the trick? You know you’re being bad – and I know you’re waiting for your punishment. Don’t think I didn’t see what you were doing with her. You wanted to have fun with a woman did you? Well, I’ll make damn sure you do. I know what type you go for – submissive little tarts like you. Do you know how much fun I’ll have with you? Both of you…

It must be said, she was a very cute little blonde thing. I like the idea of her mouth round my cock – and it will be – and more – by the time I’ve finished with you.

You’re going to bring her to see me as soon as you get this message or you’ll be punished. And it’ll be a punishment that you won’t enjoy, my sweet. Remember the night with the clamps? You’ll be looking back on that as a walk in the park unless you do exactly as you’re told. Make sure you play my message to her as well. I want her to know what’s coming for trying to steal my sub.

I’ll be waiting for you at my house. You have an hour to get here. Every minute late you are will earn you more punishment so you’ll probably want to be punctual. Or maybe not, slut.

When you arrive, I want both of you to strip. Then, I’m going to be nice. You can both do what you want to each other with my video camera running. I need a new video for my collection, and watching two tarts like you eat each other will be a nice addition.

I know she’ll be a submissive little tart like you. When I order you both to suck my cock, you’ll be eager to oblige. Feeling your tongues running up each side of my cock, then kissing it and sucking my balls will get me so hard. But that’s just the beginning.

You want to try a woman. My God, will I make you. I’ll get her on all fours for me and you’ll suck her clit while I plunge into her. Like it or not, that’s what you’re getting. You’d better make her come too. You know I like it when a woman comes around my cock.

But you’ve been bad so after you do, I’m going to punish you. Even though you’re going to be dripping wet from watching us have sex at such close proximity, I’m not going to let you come. You won’t be allowed to touch yourself. I’ll tie your arms above your head while I’m fucking her so you can’t even finger your sodden pussy. I know you’ll be gagging for it by now, but I want you on edge so I can really do what I want.

In fact, just for fun, I might make her go down on you when I’ve finished with her, take you right up to the edge and then leave you high and dry. After a few minutes of watching her lick you out, I’ll be hard enough to slide into her again – and this time, I’ll go for the other hole. I know she’ll be really tight – she looks more innocent than you. I’ll make you finger her arse, maybe even you lick her to loosen her up for me and make sure she’s ready. After watching you slide your tongue inside her, and her pushing her arse back into your face, I’ll be more than ready. So I’ll slide it into her.

It won’t take me long to come up her – she is a gorgeous little thing. I’ll credit you with good taste if nothing else. When I have, that’s when I’ll touch you. I’ll squeeze your nipples hard, stroke your clit, maybe slide a toy up you for a while – then order you to eat her again. I like the idea of watching you licking her, knowing she’s just had what you really want.

If you manage to make her come then maybe I’ll let you have an orgasm – but don’t think you’re getting my cock up there. You’ll have to use the toy and maybe rub yourself up against her clit. If you beg enough, maybe I’ll tell her to finger-fuck you. Two rough fingers plunged inside you – that’s what you’d like, isn’t it? And while she’s busy with you, I’ll use your mouth – no grace about it, just treating it as a warm wet hole to come in. And once I have? It’s time for another lesbian show for the camera I think. But this time, I’ll order you to do really dirty things to each other. I’m not telling you what. I know your imagination will fill in the blanks.

After that, if you’ve both been good, you’ll get the fucking you want. I’ll get you both kneeling up on the bed, dripping and ready for me and I’ll plunge into you alternately, first in her hole, then in yours. Whichever one of you is the best will get me coming inside you.

You know what I want you to do. You know where to be. And I know you’ll be dripping by the end of this. So do what you’re told…


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