Erotica: It Takes Two

It was like speed-dating but ruder. One minute, a male friend – who I have to confess, I’d copped off with on occasion – was coming over for a chat. The next thing, I was getting up to all manner of lewdness with him and my boyfriend. How? I’m not entirely sure. Although I can’t say that I was disappointed, given that my mind had been filled with fantasies about the pair of them for a while.

Let’s start with the background. Tom and I have been seeing each other for several months. It was lust at first sight but soon turned serious. We established fairly rapidly that neither of us were jealous. This is a good thing because both of us are innately tarts. Knowing we could have sex with someone else without it having any impact on our relationship has, if anything, made us more secure.

Greg was a good mate who knew the score. He and I would meet, chat, fuck and generally have a good time – and all the while Tom would be out with another young lady. But when Greg called wanting a chat and Tom was in the house, of course he was welcome to come round. He and Tom get on well enough and I’m not going to turn down a mate – which we are – who wants someone to talk to.

Greg arrived and soon enough, we were all chatting. When Tom nipped out to get some more lager, I couldn’t resist. Soon, we were snogging on the sofa, and when I heard the door go, indicating Tom’s return, there was no need to stop. I knew he was cool with what was going on; we’d had threesomes before so it wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen before. Sure enough, he walked in, sat down and picked up the paper, leaving us to it.

“That was a first.” said Greg, when we surfaced for air. “I’ve never kissed a woman in front of her boyfriend before without it being a big deal.”

“Whatever.” smiled Tom.

I decided to sprawl out on the sofa, my legs across Greg’s. I was wearing my slobbing gear; a vest top and jeans – no socks. Greg was leisurely stroking me in a relatively innocent fashion, and before too long, Tom’s hand was creeping up my leg. I was feeling content; with two gorgeous men caressing her, what woman wouldn’t? After a few minutes, I was feeling deeply horny, wanting things to move on. So I made my excuses and went to the loo. I knew what I wanted; the only question was whether my partners would be amendable. There was only one way to find out.

I returned and stood in the doorway, jeans still unbuttoned.

“I wasn’t sure whether I should bother doing these back up again.” I said, teasing.

“Don’t be stupid. Take them off.” said Tom.

I looked at Greg to see if he was comfortable with the situation. He smiled back and I knew that he was.

I slid off my jeans and wandered back to assume my position on the sofa, wearing just a thong and the short vest top.

“This is nice.” said Greg, and started to stroke my midriff. Meanwhile, Tom’s hand was creeping up my leg but he was too far away for things to get very intimate.

“This isn’t very fair.” I said to Greg. “Mind if I get the rest off so that Tom’s at least got something to look at?”

Greg nodded his acquiescence.

I pulled my top over my head and slipped off my knickers, spreading my thighs so that Tom could see my wet cunt.Greg slipped a finger inside me and my eyes met Tom’s, watching his expression – sardonic – as Greg fingered me. Greg could feel exactly how aroused I was and I could feel his erection through his combats, pressing into me. There was something strangely erotic about being naked whilst both my partner and my lover were fully clothed, stroking me but other than that betraying no reaction. I was less able to hide my reaction; although I held back my moans, they could both see – and in Greg’s case, feel – how wet I was getting.

Before too long, I was desperate for things to move on.

“Would you mind if we moved to the bedroom?”

Without waiting for an answer, I stood up and walked into the bedroom, lay down and waited, wondering what would happen next.

Tom came through first. Unzipping his fly, he pushed his cock into my face and I eagerly sucked it, knowing he’d clearly been aroused by the sight of me getting fingered because he was rock hard. When Greg walked in to see me with my mouth full of Tom’s cock, he found the scene as erotic as Tom had watching me get fingered. Greg’s fingers were soon inside me and I revelled in the sensation of feeling his fingers teasing my clit and G-spot simultaneously, while I hungrily sucked Tom’s cock.

My mind was filled with images from porn films. I’d often seen a woman sucking two cocks at once and, given how much I love giving blow jobs, had frequently masturbated to the image. Now, I had a chance to live it out. I told them what I wanted and they willingly got into place, kneeling on the bed. Seeing two men, two stiff large cocks in front of my face made me seriously horny. I got to work, sucking both into my mouth – mathematically tricky and I found myself wishing I’d paid more attention in algebra classes – then alternating taking one, then the other down my throat while my hand pumped the one who wasn’t in my mouth. They were both enjoying the attention but my cunt craved more. Much more.

“Could I feel you both inside me?”

It was even harder working out the maths for this, but after various position changes, we settled on doggy style. I knelt astride Greg and took his cock inside me, my cunt clenching around him, then Tom knelt behind me and slid his cock in. Fuck! I was stretched but surprisingly, not to pain level, despite them both being well endowed. To start with, the rhythm wasn’t in sync but that wasn’t a problem for me. Feeling one man slide into me as another pulled out and vice versa was a deeply sexy sensation. But then they started moving together. And one thought went through my mind. ‘This is the way that sex is meant to be.’ I thought I’d had great sex before but being fucked by two men at the same time was incredible. And the imagery going through my mind made it so much better…

It didn’t take me long to come, and, while they’d both clearly enjoyed it, the problems with the rhythm meant that they were still hard. They pulled out and Greg started to fuck me on his own. I wanted to feel him deep inside me and pulled my legs up to my chest, loving the way that the higher I raised my legs, the deeper I could feel him. My cunt contracted around his cock and I could feel him pressing against my G-spot; fuck, he knew exactly what to do. The again, he’d had enough practice. He pounded hard into me and soon, I was coming again. At that point, he pulled out and Tom took over.

“Tag team fucking.” I joked. But soon, my joking stopped as I was filled with cock again. I arched against Tom, loving the way he felt inside me – and that I’d had another man’s cock inside me only seconds before. Greg watched as Tom fucked me, getting a good view of his cock sliding into me as I clenched my muscles around him. I kissed Tom hard and felt him spurt inside me, his cock pulsing hard and sending fresh waves of lust through me.

He collapsed on my right hand side and Greg lay beside me on the other side of the bed. With his cock still hard, what was I to do? My hand moved automatically to his cock and started to pump it.

Even though he’d only just come, it didn’t take long for Tom’s cock to stir and my other hand moved to him. I had a cock in each hand. They were both similarly sized and the symmetry appealed to me. I lay back, loving that I had two men, quite literally, in the palms of my hand.

Despite the amount of fucking I’d had, I still wanted more; you know that level of arousal you get to when anything could happen? And it did. I’d always wanted to see whether I could take two men at a time in the more ‘traditional’ way.

“Could you fuck my arse,” I asked Greg. “While you fuck me?” to Tom.

I lay on my side and Greg lubed up my arse, fingers sliding in to make me suitably ready. When his finger was sliding in and out of me easily, he introduced the tip of his cock to my arse and started to push it slowly in. There was the usual hint of pain – though not much because he’d got me so ready – but, as he slid deeper inside me, it was replaced with pleasure. After a few thrusts, my arse had adjusted to the feel of him inside me and Tom started to push his cock into my wet cunt. I thought I’d felt full with the pair of them inside my cunt but now, I really felt like a slut. And I loved it.

This time, it was easier for them to keep the rhythm. I could feel Tom pressing my G-spot but with Greg in my arse, it was so much more sensitive than usual. It was as if Greg’s cock was pressing my G-spot into Tom’s cock. And fuck, it felt good. Anal isn’t normally my thing so the tightness of my arse soon sent Greg over the edge. Feeling him empying his load into me while Tom’s cock was inside me was too much, and I came again, my muscles clasping Tom’s cock, which, in turn, triggered his orgasm.

They both pulled out and we lay together, curled up but strangely coy. It wasn’t that it was uncomfortable, but all they really had in common was me and what was Greg going to say? “Thanks for letting me fuck your bird, mate?” Similarly, what could Tom say? “So, like what I’ve got?” In the end, I killed the silence with the classic British cure-all statment.

“Anyone fancy a cup of tea?”

Lying around drinking tea and smoking somehow brought an air of normality to proceedings. After we finished, the night carried on at a leisurely pace. I lost track of how many orgasms I had, how much cum I swallowed, how many times I made them come. But when they both asked me separately the next day whether I fancied a return match, there really was only one answer…

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