Erotica: Student Night

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Lisa had often fatasised about having a group of men at her command. Maybe that was why she’d agreed to play truth or dare with the group of lads.It wasn’t quite how she’d thought she’d be spending her evening. She’d been at a Networking Your Way to Success conference at a university but had slipped out to the student union bar half way through. The grey suits and tedious conversation weren’t her kind of thing and there was no way she wanted to join the braying sles boys and their oh-so-subtle chat up lines. Surely the point of networking was to meet people that you wanted to? Right now she wanted a man. And so the student bar had called to her. OK, so it had been about 15 years since she’d been in one but how much worse could it be?

“That’s more like it.” she thought, when she walked in and saw the array of gorgeous 20 somethings. OK, some looked a bit wet around the ears but as she ordered a drink, she glanced around with her smile on full-beam regardless. It only took a few seconds for her to be noticed and within a few minutes, a group of attractive male students had invited her over to join them.

Before she knew it, she was playing truth or dare, and as the alcohol flowed, the dares got racier. One guy, Andrew, kept upping the stakes, trying to make her feel uncomfortable with increasingly graphic suggestions. He clearly fancied himself as a stud and seemed pissed off that she was paying him no more attention than any of the others – thugh she had to admit to herself that he was pretty cute. The rest of the lads kept looking at her, expecting her to ‘bottle it’ but they didn’t realise how long she’d gone without a decent shag: the overt suggestions were actually making her wet. When she suggested they continued the game in private, they eagerly agreed.

It didn’t take long for them to get back to the lads’ flat. The boys shared a huge house and seemed anxious to get Lisa back before she could change her mind.

Lisa had no intention of backing out. She liked the idea of making Andrew less cocky. From experience, she knew that very few men could stay  arrogant when she was sucking them. Her mind worked through the various permutations available with eight men and her cunt started to dampen in anticipation.

When they arrived at the flat, the youngest, Nathan made himself busy getting together some drinks, while the rest of the lads chatted in the front room. Lisa collapsed on the sofa, resting her head on Andrew’s lap and her feet on his best friend Dave’s crotch. Before too long, she could feel them both getting hard. She’d waited quite long enough.

‘Shall we make a start?.’ she said.

The boys didn’t eed asking twice. Andrew pulled off her tights and knickers so that she was only wearing her dress. He ran his hands up her thigh and she couldn’t stop herself from moaning. Something about being touched by one guy while another seven watched was strangely arousing. As Andrew’s hands roved up her thigh, Dave began to stroke Lisa’s breasts.

“Would it be easier if I was naked?” she asked innocently.

The lads didn’t raise any objections so Lisa stripped off, displaying herself fully to them. Andrew groaned and moved his fingers up to her already dripping cunt. As he started to finger-fuck her, Mark was kissing her breasts. Lisa was getting seriously into being caressed by two men and before too long she stood up.

‘This doesn’t seem very fair. Only you two can get to me. Is there a bed anywhere?’

Nathan jumped to his feet. ‘I’ve got a double. You can come in there.’

‘I will.’ Smiled Lisa and followed Nathan up the stairs.

When they got into his room, Lisa was surprised to note how tidy it was – not the student tip she’d been expecting. She lay in the centre of the bed.

‘Who’s first?’

Nathan climbed over her, stopping to kiss her en-route, then lay on her left hand side. Ben took the right hand side of the bed. Lisa reached out a hand on either side and began to stroke their already hard cocks. Ben was stroking her tits while Nathan had his finger up her cunt.

‘More.’ Lisa groaned.

Nathan slid another finger up her and she began to grind against his hand, still wanking the pair of them. He could sense she still wanted more so moved from the bed and began to forage in a drawer while Ben moved to sit astride her face. Soon, Nathan was back next to her.

‘Would you like to be fucked with this?’ he asked, holding a thick candle.

The thought of being fucked with a candle in front of a crowd of men made Lisa feel dirty as hell.

‘God, yes.’

Nathan started to tease her opening with the candle until it was nicely lubricated then thrust it up her just as Ben pushed his cock into her mouth. She savoured the way he tasted, rolling her tongue around his head then flicking her tongue down the length of his shaft.

Nathan was sliding the candle into her, rubbing her clit at the same time. As she opened her eyes, she realised all the other men were naked and wanking. And she still had to have sex with them all.

Realising she had a lot to get through, Lisa started to wank Ben into her mouth. Before too long, he shot his cum down her throat, pulling out to let the last spurts cover her face and wiping his cock over her lips when he pulled out. At the same time, Nathan bent to lick her clit. That sent her over the edge and she came hard around the candle.

Nathan quickly moved between her thighs and thrust his cock into her as her cunt started to twitch. He’d clearly been enjoying fucking her with the candle as much as she had. His cock was rock hard and he came in seconds.

Without any words being exchanged, Ben and Nathan swapped places with Andrew and Dave. Lisa started to suck Andrew’s cock, stroking his shaft at the same time, while Dave started to tongue-fuck her. He knew exactly what to do, gently licking the tip of her clit with the underside of his tongue before taking her whole clit in his mouth. He slid a finger inside her while his tongue worked its magic.

Lisa loved being licked by Dave while she sucked Andrew. She felt even dirtier because she still had Ben’s cum on her face. She was shocked to find herself imagining what she could do with even more men at the same time. ‘Only one way to find out.’ She thought and reached for the nearest hard cock.

She didn’t have far to reach. She couldn’t see whose it was but began pumping it with one hand. She felt her other hand being gently pulled to the side of the bed and soon, she was wanking two cocks over her face while sucking on Andrew and feeling Dave lick her clit, two fingers up her by now.

As he neared orgasm, Andrew pulled out of her mouth and began wanking over her face while Dave carried on tonguing her. The lewd sight set the others off and, as the three men splashed their cum all over her face, Lisa came in Mark’s mouth.

‘Mind if I have a quick drink before we carry on?’ Lisa asked?

‘OK.’ Said Andrew. ‘But only if you tell us what else you’re going to do.’

Lisa was still feeling horny.

‘Well, if you’ve got any porn we could watch, that wouldn’t go amiss.’ She was surprised to find herself saying.

‘Greg.’ The boys chorused. A sheepish looking blonde lad – another rugby player, Lisa guessed from his physique – vanished into another room and came back with a tape. Nathan put it into the video recorder at the end of the bed and everyone crowded on to the bed.

They couldn’t leave her alone for long. Soon, Dave was playing with her left breast while Greg kissed her right breast. She could feel hands running all over her body in a lazy kind of way. Fingers were slipping into her cunt and hands were running up her thighs. The men glanced from the video to Lisa and back again, unsure what to do but knowing that it was an unusual situation to say the least.

At one point, the woman on screen had two cocks in her mouth

“I like this bit.” Said Lisa. Greg and Dave took the hint and knelt on either side of her. She eagerly went from one cock to the other, taking them both down her throat then pulling back and wanking Greg while she sucked Dave and vice versa. She could feel them getting close to cumming and, much as she wanted two more loads of cum splashed over her face, she wanted to be filled with cock even more. Lisa leaned back.

“I’ve always liked the idea of having two cocks up me at the same time. Would you mind?”

She edged down the bed so that her legs were lying over the edge. She sat up and Greg climbed underneath her, pushing his cock into her sopping cunt. Andrew stood at the end of the bed and put his cock inside her.

‘God, that’s tight.’ Said Andrew.

‘But it feels so good.’ Lisa moaned.

As they moved slowly inside her, she felt herself being stretched more than she’d ever been stretched before. Dave put his cock back into her mouth and she felt someone sucking on her nipples – or was it two people? Again, cocks were put into her hands and she did the mental calculations. Two guys fucking her, two being wanked, one being sucked, two sucking her tits…

She lifted her head up. ‘Come over here.’ She beckoned a shy looking bloke. ‘Come on my face. And if you’re good, maybe you can take my arse when they’ve finished.’ With an offer like that, his cock got harder.

One of the men sucking her tits moved his hand to her nipples and started to pinch. Lisa couldn’t fight her orgasm any longer. Her cunt muscles clenched wildly around Andrew and Greg, setting them both off and soon she had two loads of creamy cum up her cunt. As they pulled out, she could feel it trickling down her thighs.

Dave came soon afterwards and she eagerly swallowed his load. As each man came, he moved away. Lisa couldn’t take much more but decided it was only fair to give the blokes who were left something to enjoy, so picked up the candle and began to masturbate with it.

Knowing she had eight pairs of eyes on her, and that she was behaving in such a dirty way, made her horny as hell and before too long she was coming again. She took the candle up to her lips and licked it clean, savouring the taste of the men’s juices combining with hers.

The lads were gentlemanly enough to let her have the bed to herself for the rest of the night. As she drifted off to sleep, she smiled. She guessed that networking wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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