Erotica: The Train Journey

Lisa was in a bad mood. She’d got a job interview in Manchester and was facing a long train journey. OK, so she was grateful for the interview – working for a new women’s magazine – but she loathed train travel with a passion. And she hadn’t finished writing the sample articles they wanted her to bring. They were going for an adult market so it had to be far more explicit than her usual stuff. She was having a hard time getting her head round it. She’d have to write on the train. As if that wasn’t enough, she’d caught her girlfriend with another woman last night and they’d split up. She looked at her watch. ‘Typical. Train’s late.’ she thought, ‘Just what I bloody need.’

Half an hour later, the train pulled in and she climbed aboard. She was relieved to find an unoccupied table. She settled herself down, pulled out her laptop and started to type.

‘Excuse me.’

Lisa looked up, irritated at the interruption.


‘Is this seat taken?’ An attractive Irish woman with red hair was struggling to keep hold of her cases without losing balance.

‘No, go for it.’ Lisa sighed. She might not have the table to herself but at least the woman looked like she’d leave her alone. The trashy novel under her arm was a good sign. Sure enough, once the woman had offloaded her cases, she sat down opposite Lisa and began to read. Lisa resumed her typing.

Ten minutes later, she became aware that the woman was staring at her. She looked up and the woman blushed as Lisa caught her eye.

‘Sorry. It’s just that I’m a bit of a fan of yours.’

‘What?’ asked Lisa.

‘I started reading your articles years ago. You’re in all of the mags now, aren’t you? I’m Belle. I’d love to be a journalist like you.’ The woman thrust her hand over the table and Lisa shook it, cursing photo by-lines. OK, so she wasn’t recognised very often but she wanted to get on with her work and a conversation about how to get into journalism was the last thing she needed.

‘Thanks. I’m on deadline at the moment, actually.’

‘Oh. What are you writing?’

‘An article.’

‘What about?’

‘I can’t really go into that. And I’ve got a really tight deadline. So if you don’t mind…’

‘No, of course, sorry.’ Belle went back to her book.

As the train pulled into Carlisle, Lisa began to feel guilty. She’d been a bit short with the girl and she’d managed to get a fair bit written between Edinburgh and Carlisle. Taking a bit of a break wouldn’t do any harm. She’d got another two hours to write before she got to Manchester. And more to the point, she was getting hungry.

‘Look, I don’t suppose you can do me a favour and guard my laptop while I go to the buffet could you?’ she asked Belle.

‘Sure.’ Belle didn’t seem to have taken Lisa’s earlier abruptness to heart.

‘Is there anything you’d like while I’m there?’

‘I wouldn’t say no to a glass of white wine. Always seems to make the time pass quicker.’ Said Belle.

‘Good idea. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.’

A short while later, Lisa returned clutching two mini-bottles of wine and a couple of cheese toasties.

‘Thought you might be hungry.’

‘Thanks.’ Said Belle, a strange tone in her voice. Lisa ignored it, figuring she was shy. A glass of wine should sort that out.

‘To writing.’ She said, pouring them both a glass of wine. ‘So have you had anything published then?’

‘I did some stuff at university.’ Said Belle. ‘But that’s about it. I’ve been thinking of moving to London. Seems like that’s where everything’s going on.’

‘Not a bad idea. Where are you from?’

‘Dublin, but most of my mates seem to be leaving. I’m going up to see one of them in Manchester. She was hassling me to go to Mardi Gras and it sounded fun.’

‘Oh, is that this weekend? Didn’t realise.’ Said Lisa, mentally re-assessing her companion. Was she a lesbian? As she looked at her through fresh eyes, she noticed Belle’s creamy skin and large blue eyes. She really was quite attractive. Lisa felt her nipples harden at the thought of kissing Belle and flushed. Was it the wine, her newly single status or her writing topic that was making her think like this? She wasn’t entirely sure.

She noticed Belle looking at her with similarly appraising eyes. ‘So, tell me about your article then.’ said Belle. ‘I’ve got to confess, I couldn’t resist a glance at your notes when you were at the bar. Looks a bit different from your normal kind of stuff.’

‘It’s an, um, erotic story.’ Said Lisa, feeling embarrassed.

‘You’ve certainly got a good imagination. In fact, it made me feel a bit frisky. So what happens next?’ Belle leaned forward and her eyes flickered over Lisa’s face, then slid down her body. She didn’t try to hide her bold look, instead lingering on Lisa’s décolleté.

Was she flirting? Lisa didn’t know what to think. She looked around the carriage. The bloke on the table across the aisle was immersed in playing on his Gameboy and the people behind them had got to their feet, clearly preparing to get off at the next station. There was only one way to find out if Belle was thinking the same thing as she was.

‘I’m not sure.’ Said Lisa, licking her lips while looking at Belle’s mouth. Subtle enough to be ignored but enough of a clue if Belle really was interested.

‘I might be able to help you with some ideas.’ Said Belle. Lisa gasped as she felt a hand on her thigh. Belle was looking at her quizzically, as if to check it was OK to continue.

‘I could always do with some inspiration.’ Said Lisa.

Bella leaned over the table, put her hand round the back of Lisa’s head and drew her into a deep kiss. Her lips were full, soft and sensual. Her tongue darted gently around Lisa’s. She could barely stifle a groan of pleasure. .

‘I’ve wanted to do that since I got on the train.’ She said.

‘I think it might be easier if I moved.’ Said Lisa, getting up so she could sit next to Belle.

As soon as she sat down, Lisa grabbed Belle and kissed her again, this time more passionately. Soon, Belle was squirming in her seat. She took one of Lisa’s hands and placed it on her breast. Lisa was pleased – and aroused – to find she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Lisa slid her hand underneath Belle’s top, reaching for her nipples. Belle moaned.

‘I want to touch you.’ Said Belle.

‘Go on then.’ Said Lisa.

Belle slid her hand inside Lisa’s dress. She glanced at the man with the Gameboy. He was still impervious to the debauchery going on in the seat next to him. Belle bent to take Lisa’s nipple in her mouth. Lisa was still stroking Belle’s breast and began to pinch her nipple. She could feel her wetness trickling down her thighs.

‘Tickets please.’ The sound of the conductor walking up the carriage jolted them out of their reverie. Belle pulled her hand from Lisa’s dress, then slowly and deliberately licked her finger. She pushed her hand into Lisa’s knickers, threw a coat over the top of her arm to hide what she was doing and began to stroke Lisa’s clit.

‘The conductor’s going to be here any second and I’m going to be stroking you while he takes your ticket.’ She whispered to Lisa.

Lisa’s body responded with a flood of wetness.

‘You like that idea. Maybe I’ll move the coat when he gets here so he can see you been fingered by me. Give him something to think about when he’s on his own.’

Lisa bit her lip, knowing she must look flustered. The thought of a being humiliated had always turned her on.

‘Can I have your ticket, love?’ He was there. Belle pushed her finger deeper inside Lisa, knowing she couldn’t respond. She brushed another finger against Lisa’s throbbing clit. Lisa breathed in sharply, trying to control her reactions as she leaned over the table to get her ticket out of her purse. The conductor punched her ticket then turned to Belle.

‘And yours.’

‘Oh, I think it might be in my coat.’ Lisa felt her clit twitch as Belle reached over. She wouldn’t – surely she wouldn’t. She looked up at the conductor and started to talk to him, hoping to distract him from Belle.

‘Do you know what time we get into Manchester?’ The conductor took a timetable from his pocket and began to leaf through it. Belle was not pleased at the distraction.

‘Yes, I do think my ticket’s in my coat.’ She reached under the coat to pull Lisa’s skirt up then moved the coat away, leaving Lisa’s crotch exposed. When the conductor looked down, he’d clearly be able to see Belle’s hand pushed inside Lisa’s knickers.

Lisa was mortified and tried to grab the coat to hide herself. At the same time, she could feel her cunt get wetter as she thought about being on display.

‘Here you go.’ Belle pulled out her ticket and waved it at the conductor, just as Lisa managed to cover herself back up with the coat.

‘Thanks love.’ He said, oblivious to Lisa’s flushed face. He moved down the carriage and Lisa exhaled.

‘You bitch!’ she said to Belle.

‘You loved it.’ said Belle. ‘You know how I can tell?’

She pulled her finger from Lisa’s cunt and brought it to her lips, languorously licking all the juice from her fingers.

‘Because you’re sopping wet.’

Lisa started to argue back but knew it was true. She’d never realised she had an exhibitionistic side before. It was an interesting discovery.

‘So, where are you getting off?’ asked Belle.

‘Manchester.’ Said Lisa.

‘And have you got a hotel sorted or do you need somewhere to crash?’

‘Haven’t sorted anything yet.’ Admitted Lisa.

‘In that case, how about you stay with me? My mate works for a hotel chain so she’s sorted me out with a luxury room.’

‘If you’re sure.’ Said Lisa.

I’m sure. I can hardly wait to taste your pussy.’

Lisa’s clit twitched again as she imagined Belle’s face between her legs. Maybe trains weren’t so bad after all.

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