Book Extract: The Erotic Short Story Club by PF Lands


‘I watched her enter the room, firelight flickering on her skin. I could smell the sweet mixture of her excitement and dark chocolate. When her eyes had adjusted to the dark she saw me sitting naked on the floor by the open fire and smiled as she walked towards me. Standing to kiss, her dress caught my eye. It was made from chocolate. A smooth covering of delicious, rich chocolate over her breasts, belly and arse. We stood by the fire, stroking each other’s faces, kissing each other’s lips, necks, shoulders. As her dress started to melt, my tongue sought out places to lick it off, caressing her
nipples, waist and thighs.

She lay down on the floor in front of the fire and stretched her arms out over her head, turning to look at me. I sat down next to her and reached for one of the strawberry’s she’d brought in after our meal. Now I knew why she’d smiled at me as she placed them by the fire earlier. I leaned down onto one elbow and, biting the soft fruit in half, enjoyed the sensation of strawberry flavours filling my mouth while slowly stroking the other half over her stomach. When it was covered in chocolate I put it in my mouth and bent to kiss her. Warm chocolate and strawberry juice kiss, delicious and intoxicating. I reached for another strawberry and rolled it around her nipples, when it too was covered I pushed it gently between her lips, letting her eat it whole.

It seemed as if time had slowed down and we were floating in warm chocolate, a delicious, sensual cocoon. There was nothing else in the world except this moment. I wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her against my body, feeling the velvet chocolate between our skin melting onto mine. Now it was her turn to choose what to eat. I moaned as her tongue moved down my body and, finally, took my chocolate covered cock in her mouth. She sucked greedily as the chocolate melted on her lips.

‘My boy lollipop,’ she sang in a whisper, slowly, between licks, looking up at me with her sexy, dark brown eyes, alight with excitement. She pushed me away and, turning around, leaned against the wall, wiggling her arse and smiling at me over her shoulder. I grabbed her hips and felt the chocolate melt beneath the heat of my fingers. I slid inside her and, starting slowly, began to fuck her. With each thrust a deep, rich moan escaped from her lips and she pushed back hard to meet me. I pulled my right hand away to lick the chocolate from my fingers then, pushing her thighs gently apart, started to explore and play with her, hot and sticky with chocolate and desire. I could feel her melting beneath me and thrust faster, harder, deeper. She stood up a little and turned her head around again to find my mouth. I pulled my hand away from her cunt to grip her hips and she replaced my fingers with her own, rubbing her swollen clit faster and faster. Quickly we came together and, falling into each others arms, lay on the floor laughing.’

‘What do you think guys? Chocolate and cock. Such a good mix. Two of my favourite things in life,’ Emily chuckled. ‘I thought it would be fun seeing it through the eyes of a man. One great thing about writing these stories is that we are totally in control and the sex is exactly what we want. Unlike with some of my past lovers, I always end up satisfied,’ she grinned.
Oona, Kim and Alex laughed. They knew she had a full on, exciting, if sometimes unconventional, sex-life, but had also heard plenty of stories from her past affairs to know she was right… some of them had been pretty bad in bed.
‘Believe it or not Em that was actually quite romantic. Falling into each others arms in front of a roaring fire,’ Kim smiled as she finished off the chocolate bar Emily had given each of them to eat while she read her first story to them. ‘And thanks for the choc. Nice touch.’
‘That’s OK. I thought you should have some oral pleasure too,’ she winked.
‘I really liked it,’ Alex said. ‘Fun and horny, but sensual too. Is that just a fantasy of yours, wearing a chocolate dress, or have you actually done it? I never know with you.’
‘Well, not a complete dress… but playing with food during sex is fun. Something warm, like melted chocolate, then something cold, like an ice cube or ice cream, feels really good. And yummy to lick off! Or something hard, like a chocolate bar, to use as a dildo, and then eat it as you play.’
‘It’s fun sharing stories like this, and not being embarrassed,’ Oona said. ‘Though I probably will be
when it’s actually my turn.’
‘I know,’ Kim said. ‘I was too but it’s empowering and liberating and fun!’
‘Well, sex shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, or embarrassed about,’ Emily said. ‘It’s good to say it like it is, and to realise that we all have fantasies, there’s nothing unusual or wrong with it.’
‘So, we’re three stories in and have covered animals, wet dreams and chocolate …. not bad,’ Oona said as she kicked off her shoes and tucked her feet up under her, leaning back onto the stylish leather sofa next to Emily. ‘What’s left for me?’ she laughed.

The Erotic Short Story Club is an explicit fictional story of friendship, fantasies and fun, with the ups and downs of life and love along the way. It’s available to download or purchase in hard copy from Amazon

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