eBook Review: In Expert Hands by Lily Harlem


I read the spin-off story to this,In Safe Hands, a while back, as part of the Sexy Just Got Richanthology, so I very much looked forward to meeting the other Ward brother. I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed. I enjoy Lily Harlem’s writing, though it was a rarity to read something she’d written in third person, rather than first. But it made no difference to me – I still really liked the book. The storyline was sexy, sultry and interesting, the setting intriguing, and the characters fascinating and fun.

If you like BDSM erotic romance novels, and especially if you love hunky billionaires, you should definitely check out In Expert Hands. It’s a fantastic mix of eroticism and romance, and Kane and Imogen’s story had me eagerly turning pages to find out what would happen next. Recommended.

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