Dream a Little Dream of Me

James winced and breathed in sharply as Debbie ran the pinwheel over his freshly whipped back.


“It looks very pretty” she said, stepping back to admire the patterns she had made as she gave him a hundred lashes with her new single tail. She took a photograph with her phone and the sound of keys being pressed broke the silence.


“This will look so nice on Fet” she said laughing.


“You can’t do that you..”


“Oh yes I can and you’re in no position to stop me.”


Debbie laughed again.


“And now slave” she said, moving in close, so that he could feel her hot breath on the nape of his neck, “you’re going to worship my boots.”


She unfastened the cuffs that secured him to the St. Andrew’s cross and ordered him to kneel in front of the chair she had placed in the middle of the room, She tugged at the tops of her PVC thigh boots crossed her legs and ordered,




James shuffled forward, took the shoe of the right boot in his hand and began to lick at the shiny PVC, hesitantly at first but soon gaining in confidence and rhythm as he warmed to his task and began to work his way up the shaft.


“You will stop at the top of the boot. If I feel your tongue on my stockings you will be severely punished. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes Mistress” said James, looking up and making eye contact with the imperious domme. Debbie could see both pleading and fear in his eyes.


“Did I say stop?” she asked rhetorically in a raised voice. “Carry on licking!”


“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress”


James resumed licking.


“And don’t forget the soles!”


James lay on his back and began to lick the soles pausing only to pick specks of dust from his tongue.


“You will swallow my dust and regard it as a privilege!”


James took his finger from his mouth and swallowed. He said nothing.


“And now take the heel in you and show me how well you suck cock.”


James wriggled into position. He was now directly below Debbie’s thighs, below the menacing spike of her heel, A little awkwardly he propped himself up on his elbows and took the slender, cruel four inches into his mouth, conscious of what a sadistic woman could do to him. She would never hurt him would she? He sucked and sucked feeling anxiety welling up within him as Debbie sat motionless, saying nothing.


“Pathetic!” said Debbie, breaking the silence at last. For James this came also as a relief.


“Fifty with the dragon cane” she said matter of factly before laughing. James lay back and groaned, aware that he was not ready for yet more punishment.


“But first” commanded the increasingly imperious Debbie, “you can get to work on the other boot.”


She uncrossed and recrossed her legs so that the left  leg was now on top.  James knelt up and got to work. As Debbie looked at the criss cross pattern of purple stripes on his back she felt a warm glow of satisfaction.


James started with the heel this time as Debbie commanded him again to show her what a slut he was. He worked his way up the shaft and rolled over on his back to lick the calves. As he moved towards the back of the knee Debbie uncrossed her legs and moved slightly forward, parting her legs so that her crotch moved closer to the frantic tongue.


As James stretched upwards  to reach the tops of the boots she ordered,


“Carry on up the thigh.”


As James moved over the top of the boots onto the netted flesh ne felt the warmth that the boots had not been able to transmit. He worked over the fishnets quickly and greedily to where Debbie’s swelling clit was rubbing against the black lace panties..


“You’re wet Mistress” said James smelling the musk of arousal through the laundered freshness.


“And now I want your tongue to worship my cunt.”


He stretched as Debbie dropped onto her knees right above his head so that she was almost sitting on his face, so that he could lick without straining above the floor. He felt the rush of arousal as he licked licked licked……


Debbie was masturbating vigorously and the movement woke James up.


“What are you doing slut? I thought I had forbidden you to masturbate.”


“I know Sir” said Debbie smiling ‘but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.”


She turned to James with a coquettish look that made him smile back, unable even to pretend to be angry at her disobedience.


“It’s fifty with the dragon cane for that slut, but I’ll save that for later. First I have better things to do,”


James knelt up so that Debbie could see how hard he was, how his bell end glistened with purple promise.


“You can go on top” he said, rolling over onto his back.


As Debbie slid down into him and began to ride him with quickening rhythmic movements, she knew that this was going to be a day to remember. She smiled again.

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