eBook Review: From Prussia With Love by Tina Christopher


From Prussia With Love is book one in the Victoria’s Secret Agents series from Tina Christopher. It’s a steampunk/alternative history erotic romance, and while it probably won’t be for everyone, it’s a good fun read.

It tells the story of secret agent Clara Redbeck. She’s been tasked with stopping a traitor from bombing London to smithereens. Confident she can achieve her goal – and willing to stop at nothing to do so – Clara jumps into the task with relish. However, there is a slight bump in the road. Garrett Dewhurst proves to be quite the distraction, but Clara’s sure she can handle it – enjoying a sexy dalliance while doing her job at the same time.

But Garrett isn’t exactly who he seems to be. And when Clara finds this out, things become more complicated than ever before. Can she save London and get what she really wants at the same time? Or must she sacrifice everything for the sake of her career?

As I said before, this is a good fun read. The writing style is light and fun, with plenty of sass and humour mixed in with the intrigue and erotic encounters. Overall, I’d recommend this to fans of steampunk, and those looking for an erotic romance with a twist.

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