eBook Review: Good Manors by Victoria Blisse


I’m a sucker for a Victoria Blisse book as it is, but when she went and wrote about one of my favourite things – stately homes – I knew I had to check out this novel.

Good Manors tells the story of journalist India Grace, who, as the book’s imprint (What’s Her Secret?) suggests, has a secret. Something in her past which has plagued her with guilt ever since. But, until she was sent, as part of her work for Good Manors magazine, to Mallard Hall, she never thought it would come back and bite her in the posterior. But now, as her secret is threatened, India’s worried. It doesn’t help that her job is to work behind the scenes at various stately homes, doing jobs that need doing, getting to know the staff, the owners, and so on. This complicates things for India massively, particularly when she realises she’s got the hots for Mallard’s current owner, Xander Patrick.

What unfolds is part mystery, part whodunnit, part sexy love story (with lashings – if you’ll pardon the pun – of kink), and one that’ll keep you turning the pages until you reach the book’s very satisfying ending. I very much enjoyed Good Manors, a great read interspersed with Ms. Blisse’s typical quirky humour, and would recommend it to those who enjoy a kinky, romantic romp with lots of unexpected twists.

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