eBook Review: Sexy Challenges – 33 Adventures by Drs. Rob & Janelle Alex

Sexy Challenges cover

This is your not typical sex and relationships manual, and those expecting such might be a bit shocked when Rob and Janelle Alex – presenters of the popular Mission Date Night podcast – start suggesting you conceive magickal children, experience past lives through your orgasm and supercharge your money with the power of sex.

People familiar with sexual practices such as Western Tantra and BDSM, and those who practice paganism or magick, shouldn’t find it so weird, however. Although it might seem a little too pick ‘n’ mix to them.

Any couple that genuinely attempts a few of these challenges – as long as they can bring a healthy sense of humour and some open-mindedness to the table, which is vital for any successful partnership anyway – should find their relationship and sex life strengthened and have a lot of fun into the bargain (at the very least). And there’s plenty in there that isn’t over in the ‘woo corner’: A very sweet challenge called the ‘Love Retrieval Machine’ is aimed at couples struggling to hang onto their connection; a hilarious and inventive ‘carnival challenge’ will have you attempting to win a giant stuffed animal (to be used for sex positions later) by aiming rings at your partner’s bumpy bits; and for guys who wouldn’t mind an excuse for some crossdressing, there’s guyliner and male lingerie challenges to be had if you want them.

The challenges all come from Rob and Janelle’s own experiences and the more metaphysical ones are presented from the point of view of ‘we know this is weird – but honestly, it works!’. If you have a sense that there’s more to sex than you were taught in sex ed; if you’d like to see if shagging can *really* blow your mind; or if you’re already interested in working with sexual energy and want some interesting variations and pointers, give this book a try.

Sexy Challenges: 33 Adventures – Create Powerful Energy With Passion, Purpose and Love by Drs. Rob & Janelle Alex is available on iTunes and Amazon.


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