Book Extract: Standing Tall by Sienna St Cyr, from Silence Is Golden (a Sexy Little Pages anthology)


I’m a huge fan of erotica publisher Sexy Little Pages, and their latest anthology, Silence Is Golden, is notable not just because it’s hot and kinky as hell. It’s also very special because many of the characters have disabilities or health conditions, but these things aren’t presented as problems – in fact they’re often integral to the pussy-melting sexiness of the scenarios presented. A full review of the anthology is here; in the meantime read on for a cheeky extract…

From Standing Tall by Sienna St Cyr

I spent a long time on my hair and makeup. I hoped that if I decorated myself, fewer people would notice my missing breast. My special bra helped, because it had a fake breast inside it. Aside from the few close friends I’d shared with, no one knew about my surgery or cancer. They were used to my short hair and didn’t suspect a thing when I’d shaved it.

Now that it was long enough to be a stylish pixie cut, I’d used deep blueberry blue dye on it. Not even the cute cut or the lovely color made me feel better, though. Added to my concern was the fact that I’d not attended any parties with Master since I’d gotten sick. What if people thought me a snob?

So much to stress about… My only hope was that Master would be merciful as he did what he was planning to do. Facing everyone knowing I’d kept so much from them wasn’t going to be easy either. My breast was only half the problem.

I traced my eyelids with the deepest black liner and put on several layers of mascara. Smoky eyes would distract people nicely too. Or so I hoped.

By the time my doorbell rang, I’d completed my look and was ready physically. I didn’t know if I’d ever be ready emotionally. It took several deep breaths for me to get to the door. My heart pounded so hard it felt like it was going to leap from my chest. I fought the salty liquid threatening to escape again, as I didn’t want to smear my fresh makeup.

I opened the door and the moment I saw Master, I lowered all the way to the ground. I felt his dominance over me and it made me instantly wet for him. Humbled in his presence.

“Good, girl,” he said. “Now stand up.”

I obeyed, and greeted him with a gentle kiss.

“You look gorgeous.” He smiled. Then pushed me further inside the entryway and into the wall once again. He shut the door behind him.

“Thank you, Master.”

He pulled something from his back pocket. I saw it right away. It was a ball gag. Then he pulled out an eye mask. He slipped the mask on first.

So much for my smoky eyes.

“Open your mouth.”

I obeyed again, but with hesitance. Since finding my voice, I hated gags. Hated not being able to speak… Still, I trusted Master. I didn’t fight him as he slipped the gag into place. He pulled me forward until he could reach behind me and fasten it.

“Tonight, you won’t be able to see, speak, or even taste anything but the gag in your mouth. You will only be able to smell, hear, and feel. You will be silenced until you can speak kindly about yourself. You will be blinded until you can see yourself clearly.” He paused and breathed out loudly before continuing. “This will change you.”

I began crying again. I wanted to run, to scream my safe word now. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t do that to myself or to Master. I needed to try.

Master slipped a bracelet on me. He shook my hand several times and tiny bells sang a high-pitched song.

“You will shake your wrist twice if you need to speak and ask me to adjust something. You will shake your wrist four times if you hit your stop point. Four shakes equals red. Shake your wrist now and show me what ‘I need to talk’ is.”

I shook it twice.

“Good, girl. Now show me stop.”

I shook it four times.

“Good, girl.” He kissed my forehead. “Take hold of my arm, girl.”

I did as he instructed.

Master led me out of the door and to the car. I heard him open the door and then he helped me inside and buckled me. Then I heard his door open and shut.

He’d done this many times before and I was thankful I lived in a private area of town. Otherwise, the neighbors might think I was being abducted. The notion made me giggle, but only on the inside.

Master drove for a while, chatting to me about his day the entire time. He’d gotten loads of work done. Made several phone calls to new potential girls. He even shared about how he dropped a girl into subspace and had her masturbate over speakerphone. Normally that’d have me wet and squirming, but since the surgery, anything that involved others or public display hadn’t done it for me. It only made me feel insecure. Something I’d shared with Master, but he wasn’t the sort to give in to insecurity. A fact I appreciated and hated at the same time.

At least my tears had stopped.

I began zoning out the longer we drove, which made me focus on the drool escaping the corners of my mouth. It was humiliating, and I hadn’t even gone inside yet.

When we arrived, Master helped me out of the car and escorted me to the door. From the sound of it, this party was taking place at the club. I could only tell by the whacks and moans bouncing off the walls. It was a familiar echo.

The smell of bergamot also caught my attention. The hosts used the essential oil for one of their scenes. It tended to linger. Knowing where I was felt both like a comfort and horror show. People I’d avoided would be here.

Master walked me around and every time he began talking to someone, I curled inward and leaned into him to hide my breast. Master moved to my left side without a word.

I knew it was so I couldn’t hide my missing boob.

I whimpered and forced myself to suppress more tears.

“It’s okay, girl,” he whispered into my ear. “You. Are. Beautiful.” He kissed my forehead, then greeted more people.

You can buy Silence Is Golden here.

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