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If someone is unable to speak, how do they communicate with their partner? If a sub or Dom can’t hear well in crowds but loves to play at parties, what mechanisms are in place to ensure everyone stays safe?

The kink-inspired stories in Silence is Golden are sexy and bold. You’ll meet strong, diverse characters across the spectrum of sexuality who revel in their desires. From silent Doms and Deaf lovers to submissives who can’t be silenced and those who seek out the quiet. This sizzling collection brings together the finest erotic stories from Annabeth Leong, Dale Cameron Lowry, Sienna Saint-Cyr, Leandra Vane, Anna Sky and Janine Ashbless.

Above is the blurb for Silence Is Golden, the latest anthology from publisher Sexy Little Pages, edited by Anna Sky, and I thought it described the book so accurately it deserved reproducing.

This is a truly lovely, steaming hot, extremely kinky collection with a twist: many of the characters have disabilities, health conditions or other restrictions, but these aren’t presented as problems – in fact in many cases those conditions are part of what makes the scenarios described so sexy. A date with a Deaf man and his interpreter turns into a threesome; a submissive recovering from breast cancer surgery breaks through her insecurity about her body when her master shows her off at a party; a woman in drag seduces her best friend but has to remain silent throughout as she knows her feminine voice will break the spell.

These stories present a diverse range of sexual expression that shows that everyone has their own unique and glorious way of enjoying sex, whatever their body shape or level of physical ability. Difference is celebrated – and shown as seriously hot – here; this breaks through the media stigma attached to anyone who doesn’t fit a ‘sexy’, able-bodied stereotype openly enjoying or talking about sex. As a disabled person it’s a breath of fresh air to me to read stories like this and know there are lots of people out there with their own disabilities, health conditions and other differences who are just as filthy as I am. 😉

But you don’t need to read this anthology because of any of that. You can read it purely because it’s extremely well written, intelligent smut that will enhance any wank session and possibly give you some new ideas for your own sex life.

You can read an extract from Silence Is Golden here.

You can find out more about the book and buy it here.

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