News: Fundraising for Laura Lee’s Legacy

Sex Worker Laura Lee Challenges Prostitution Laws In Northern Ireland

Sex Worker Laura Lee Challenges Prostitution Laws In Northern Ireland

As reported last week Laura Lee, the law-graduate sex worker and indomitable human rights activist died at 39 leaving behind a teenage daughter.

As her colleague Miranda Kane wrote:

“Laura Lee was a fighter, an activist, a friend, a mum and a pain in the Oireachtas arse.

She went through so much; she was exposed, abused by the press and had her life turned upside down just so that she could fight for the decriminalisation of sex workers – a fight she never gave up on.

She was an advocate, and would help anyone who asked for guidance and support.

Laura was one of the most fiercest, but friendliest people I was ever lucky enough to meet. She loved to laugh and make jokes. She had such a way of making people feel at ease, even though we were all so much in awe of her.

She worked so hard to help and never asked for anything back. This is our chance to say ‘Thank You’, to let her family know she will always be remembered, and she was, is and always will be an inspiration to many more who will keep the fight going for Laura’s Law.

Laura was spirited, kind, beautiful….but above all, she hated nuns.”

Visit Miranda Kane’s Just Giving Page for Laura to contribute to the legacy of this remarkable woman.

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