Erotica: Messing Around in Boats

My grandfather had always waxed lyrical about the river, saying it was the only place that he could truly forget his cares. He’d often invited me fishing with him, telling me that I’d love the cove, but I’d always declined. So when he died, and left me his fishing gear, it seemed only fair to

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Erotica: A Taste of Stardom

Drifting off to sleep after a good orgasm was one of the nicest feelings in the world, thought Jasmine as she snuggled deep into the blue velvet sheet. She could understand why the tabloids had dubbed Byron Khamoun the ‘Foreplay Pharoah’ after one particularly outspoken kiss-and-tell story. An exotic hybrid of Syrian and Jamaican, his

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Erotica: Fair Game

Annalise and I were bored. We’d been workmates for five years and flatmates for three but that wasn’t the problem. We got on brilliantly and even had the occasional snog when we were pissed.

Toys: Kiki Picabong

If you’re looking for a discreet beginner’s toy, you can’t go far wrong with Kiki from the amazing Picabong range. Its design is equally gorgeous as functional, being ergonomically shaped to easily fit in your hand and, better yet, it’s waterproof. With 12 ‘play modes’, Kiki’s flat end is perfect for stimulating the clitoris whether

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Toys: RO80mm Bullet

A bullet vibrator is a toy-box basic, and the RO80mm  is the most powerful bullet around.  It’s single speed and waterproof, making it versatile and easy to use – just press the button on the base to turn it on or off. Designed for external use, the  RO80mm is perfect for clitoral stimulation, whether during masturbation, oral or

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Spiritual Sex: Is Tantra Worth It?

Nowadays, it’s easy to perceive sex as being a purely physical thing. Seemingly every day, another sex memoir hits the shelves documenting someone’s casual sex experiences, another sex position guide hits the shelves telling people how to ‘do it’ in 103 different positions and another porn site pops up online, allowing people to share their

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Ask Cliterati: Why Does Fingering Make Me Sore?

When my boyfriend ‘fingers’ me (for want of a better expression) I sometimes become dry and sore even though just minutes before I may have been really wet and horny. So I tell him to play with my clitoris but for some reason it doesn’t feel the same as when I do it to myself

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Erotica: The Cunning Linguist

I’d really like to pork you.” The belch that followed this erotic request only served to emphasise the charm of the speaker, an obvious City boy with a face that had the puffiness of a heavy drinker who lived on junk food, and a body that, though slim, hinted at imminent rebellion around the stomach.

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Artcore: Nico Modestine

At Cliterati, we’re huge fans of pole dancing. It’s a great way to stay in shape and while we’ll freely admit to objectifying pole dancers, it’s in a terribly respectful way. We’re overawed by the incredible strength and hours of training it takes to achieve such physical perfection. And yes, OK, it is titillating but

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Quickies: DH Lawrence

“Sex is just another form of talk, where you act the words instead of saying them.”

Erotica: Hot Crush

  I’ve got a crush. I’m sure it shouldn’t happen at my age. I’m approaching 30 but I feel like a teenager, although the thoughts running through my mind are far from teenage. I met Adam through mutual friends a while back. Conversation was easy and we ended up swapping details. He emailed me the

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Ask Cliterati: How Do I Go On Top?

Ever since I started having sex I’ve had a problem mastering being on top. I always feel a little self-conscious doing it and I’m never sure how to move to make it good. No matter what I do my partner’s penis ends up coming out and breaking the rhythm. Previously I’ve used it as an

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Ask Cliterati: Why Do I Still Want My Ex?

I have always had a raw deal with girlfriends, until three years ago when I met my current partner. Unlike the others, she is reliable, kind, good in bed and we get on well. I have never been as happy as I am now, so why do I still hanker after my ex? Although I

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Artcore: Pussy Cat

How many words for vagina do you know? Here are 69 to peruse, all laid out in a pussy (created using the rather lovely tagxedo.). From a honey-hole to a pocketbook, enchilada to muff, each phrase gives an indication of the perception of women.

Sexually Cliterate: Can You Find Your Own Clitoris?

For years, jokes have been cracked about men’s ineptitude when it comes to finding the clitoris. However, you may be surprised to discover the clit is so much more than the little nub most people associate it with.

Comment: The Trouble With Porn

As a woman who has had no small involvement in the adult industry – from writing scripts and editing magazines to appearing as a (clothed) extra in one porn film and directing another* – it’s safe to say I’m no prude. I’m an advocate of the Spanner Trust. I have various female (and feminist) porn director friends. I’ve seen

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Artcore: Erika Lust

“I’m feminist and porn director.” So says Erika Lust, who makes some of the most beautiful erotic films imaginable. However, when it comes to using the term ‘feminist’, it’s not a black and white issue to Lust. ”

Books: The Field Guide to F*cking

Field guides to birds, bees, and trees abound. However, until now, there has been no handy reference to the intricacies of human mating rituals. The Field Guide to F*CKING (Quiver Books, June 2012, £14.99) by Emily Dubberley is an essential companion for anyone who wants the best sex possible: learn how to classify each genus

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Ask Cliterati: Why is it Going Soft?

I am a 21 year old male. I don’t get really hard erections as I used to. I can get a hard enough erection for penetration and masturbation but it still feels too soft and lacks sensation. The lack of sensation means I find it hard to ejaculate through penetrative sex. What can I do?

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Erotica: The Business Trip

I’d only ever seen him online. His picture was on a business site, not a dating site, but something about his photo gave me the horn right away. As I read more about him, he became more appealing; intelligent, amusing, intense.

Erotica: Bi Guy First Time

This is the story of the first time I got with a guy. I’ve been thinking of writing it down for some time, and I hope you enjoy it. I think it’s pretty horny anyway! First, a bit about me. I’m 26 years old and living with a long term girlfriend. No talk of marriage

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Erotica: I Want You

I’m so glad you gave me your number. I noticed you a while ago. Whenever we’ve exchanged looks or chatted, I’ve been tense with anticipation. When I saw you in the girl bar, I couldn’t believe my luck. My only worry was gone – I wasn’t misreading your friendliness. You do like women. And after

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