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Erotic stories are grouped to make it easy to find something that will appeal: click on Kinky Erotica for stories about threesomes and swinging nights, spit roasts and sandwiches of a thoroughly delicious variety.

Should this run contrary to your tastes, visit Straight Erotica for ‘vanilla’ heterosexual sex: if it involves one man and one woman having consensual fun, it’s here. Should you want fun for more than one, check the Group Erotica and if you prefer your sex involving two people of the same gender, visit the Queer Erotica section.  Finally, for domination and submission, strap ons and spanking, bukkake and bondage and a host of other fun activities, check out our kinky erotica.

Some stories appear in multiple categories as they involve queer group sex or straight kinky sex, You can also use the search facility to find stories involving your favourite sex acts too: every story is tagged with a guide to content and tone. Basically, we try to help you find the erotica of choice in as many ways as we can.

We’ve got fantasies that run across the entire Kinsey sexuality scale, from totally straight to totally gay. There are romantic fantasies and hardcore BDSM fantasies – not forgetting romantic BDSM fantasies, of course. Some stories involve one person, others involve group fun, with pairings and threesomes of all kinds along the way. Some stories use gentle language, others use Anglo Saxon at its most guttural: we don’t opt for a consistent style because everyone’s fantasy mind works in a different way. One woman’s meat is another woman’s throbbing cock. We aim to represent as many different fantasies as possible (excluding underage activity, non-consensual acts and animals as we believe in informed consent). Why not add yours to the site?

Or simply let your fingers do the walking and enjoy some group erotica now.

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