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Sometimes, sex, love, relationships or all three can be hard. We’ve got a team of experts who can help you deal with life’s trickier times – or simply give you great tips on keeping things alive or trying something new in the bedroom.

Susan Quilliam is a psychologist and internationally published author with books including The Joy of Sex (co-authored with Alex Comfort) to her name and over 30 years experience as a relationship coach.

Dr Malcolm VandenBurg is a Consultant Physician, trained in sexual diseases and health, who helped treat one of the UK’s first patients with AIDS has been involved in the development of many medicines for erectile dysfunction including Viagra. He has given (non-judgemental) opinions on and treated patients who have indulged in almost all activities practiced by humans. He currently is asked by English courts to give Expert Opinion on many serious sexual issues such as the effects of medication and illegal drugs on sexual thought, desire and performance, and has also given expert advice on autoerotocism, BDSM activity and consequent injuries, urophilias and erotic asphyxiation, and many other sexual practices.

Emily Dubberley studied psychology specialising in sexuality, and has 25 sex manuals to her name ranging from Friendly Fetish to The Field Guide to F*cking. She also helped write the last five Lovers’ Guide scripts.

We also have a range of experts from academics to fetishists who can answer more specialist questions.


We’re bored of the whole ‘is it art or is it porn?’ debate. It’s full of judgement (Do ‘nice girls’ only masturbate to high art, and eschew more plebeian Red Tube gang bangs?) and there are so many complexities to the argument that we don’t want to be the arbiter of what ‘should’  or ‘shouldn’t be out there. However, we do like sexy things of the visual form so, rather than listing the things we don’t like (masturbation material is such a personal choice, after all) we’ll point you towards things we think are rather special.

Artcore is where you’ll find links to our favourite youtube videos, images, photographs of people we find hot and interviews with people we find inspirational on the erotic art, fetish and cabaret scene (sometimes all the above at once). From reviews of new erotic films to profiles of talented cabaret performers, footage of hot pole dancers (of every gender and sexuality.) to illustrations by amazing artists, if it’s queer, it’s here. Get off on it (Or not. The choice is yours.)


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Erotic stories are grouped to make it easy to find what you wantl: visit Straight Erotica for heterosexual fun, and Queer Erotica for stories about women with women, men with men and everything in between. If you want fun for more than one, check the Group Erotica and if you prefer your sex with a hint of darkness, from bondage to fisting and spanking to powerplay, visit Kinky Erotica. Some stories appear in multiple categories as they involve queer group sex or straight kinky sex, You can also search for stories involving your favourite sex acts: every story is tagged with a guide to content and tone. We help you find the erotica of choice in as many ways as we can.

We’ve got fantasies that run across the entire Kinsey sexuality scale, from totally straight to totally gay. There are romantic fantasies and hardcore BDSM fantasies – not forgetting romantic BDSM fantasies, of course. Some stories involve one person, others involve group fun, with pairings and threesomes of all kinds along the way. Some stories use gentle language, others use Anglo Saxon at its most guttural: we don’t opt for a consistent style because everyone’s fantasy mind works in a different way. One woman’s meat is another woman’s throbbing cock. Why not add your fantasy to the site?


Sex isn’t one-dimensional. It’s affected by life pressures and media representations. It comes in a multitude of varieties and everyone has their own idea about what makes it great. This is where you can find tips on everything from choosing your first toy to fisting,  blow jobs to BDSM.

As with the rest of the site, feel free to submit your own pieces. The more diverse a range of voices we can represent, the better we can all understand each other. Whether you’re into polyamory, abstinence, vanilla, kink or something else entirely, your ideas are welcome to be shared here.


News and Comment

It’s not what you know but who you know, and at Cliterati we’re connected in to the top event organisers in the sex scene. From cabaret and burlesque to fetish and swinging nights, we keep you updated with all the sexiest events around. And sex isn’t just about the fun stuff: with great pleasure comes great responsibility, so we’ll also keep you informed about the latest sex news, from reproductive rights to health campaigns, sexuality conferences  to sex-related award ceremonies. Knowledge is power, after all.


From toys to books, lingerie to films, we immerse ourselves in all things erotic to find the best for you. While we do receive review samples for free, we will only give a positive review if we genuinely like a product.

In some cases, Cliterati staff have been involved in the production of items that we review. This is noted accordingly as a declaration of interest. However, none of us would produce anything we thought was rubbish so any positive reviews of work done by the team are a result of that rather than any nepotism.

We are, however, funded through our shop, so please do buy your toys from us if you want cliterati to last another decade.



You can’t have sex without science. From chemistry to biology, psychology to linguistics and beyond, science helps us understand sex better in myriad ways. We highlight the best new research, challenge established sex myths and provide a counter to the PR-led ‘facts’ that are reported about sex all too often (a toothpaste manufacturer finds a good smile is the most important thing in attracting a mate? Well there’s a surprise…) gathering together top sex academics under the editorship of Brooke Magnanti.


Style is all about delighting the senses and finding those special things that touch you in that fuzzy place.

Here you will find lovely things to inspire you in your pursuit of pleasure, from boudoir decor and pin-up parlour accessories to fetish fashion and vintage classics.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect corset to create an hourglass figure or a size 20 latex catsuit, stylish sex furniture or a fantasy outfit, you’ll find it in Cliterati’s style section – along with profiles and interviews featuring the hottest new sexy design talent. We cover all price ranges from DIY to designer decadence: it’s nice to daydream about beautiful things, even if we can’t afford them.

Style editor, Chrissie Nicholson-Wild is a fashion designer and  is an expert in corsetry, both making and wearing and will be posting up lots of useful tit bits and  taking a regular delve into corset history as well as featuring the occasional sensual craft project that you can all join in with at your leisure.


Music and sex go together like anal and lube. Featuring the best new music currently getting us excited, plus the frankly super-standout stuff that knocks us sideways leaving us gasping for more, Cliterati’s music section is your go-to for the hottest earth-shattering sonics. We explore our musical heroines: from the Jazz greats through hippie chicks, rock icons, pierced punks, riot grrrls and R&B babes, to pop princesses, female dance DJs and producers, and other contemporary artists. We talk to women working both in front and behind the scenes in the music business, finding out what makes them tick, their musical recommendations – and what it’s really like to be female in such a male-dominated industry. We chat to the men too, whether that’s the guys beavering away in the background or the frontmen we all love to love. We also examine androgyny and sexual fluidity in music, whilst our MILF section (that’s Musos I’d Like To – we’re sure you know the rest) showcases the sexiest songsters around – whatever their gender or sexuality.

We explore the ever murky crossover world of music and fashion, looking at how the two worlds have collided in the past, and where we’re headed to next. So don’t bin your brothel creepers just yet! And we pick the best gigs with the slickest acts and sleaziest beats. If music be the food of love, then we’re your all-you-can-eat buffet. Get ready for some serious aural pleasure…