Sex doesn’t exist in a vacuum (outside the darker reaches of the BDSM scene). A happy, healthy sex life can feed into incredible art and performance, inspire beautiful lingerie and erotically-charged music. Conversely, sensual sounds and sensual fabrics, sexually satirical cabaret and a beautiful boudoir can all enhance sex. In the Lifestyle section of Cliterati, we highlight the sexiest arts, fashion, design, music, art and more to bring you a thoroughly well-rounded exploration of all things sex.


We’re bored of the whole ‘is it art or is it porn?’ debate. It’s full of judgement (Do ‘nice girls’ only masturbate to high art, and eschew more plebeian Red Tube gang bangs?) and there are so many complexities to the argument that we don’t want to be the arbiter of what ‘should’  or ‘shouldn’t be out there. However, we do like sexy things of the visual form so, rather than listing the things we don’t like (masturbation material is such a personal choice, after all) we’ll point you towards things we think are rather special.

Artcore is where you’ll find links to our favourite youtube videos, images, photographs of people we find hot and interviews with people we find inspirational on the erotic art, fetish and cabaret scene (sometimes all the above at once). From reviews of new erotic films to profiles of talented cabaret performers, footage of hot pole dancers (of every gender and sexuality.) to illustrations by amazing artists, if it’s queer, it’s here. Get off on it (Or not. The choice is yours.)


Style is all about delighting the senses and finding those special things that touch you in that fuzzy place.

Here you will find lovely things to inspire you in your pursuit of pleasure, from boudoir decor and pin-up parlour accessories to fetish fashion and vintage classics.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect corset to create an hourglass figure or a size 20 latex catsuit, stylish sex furniture or a fantasy outfit, you’ll find it in Cliterati’s style section – along with profiles and interviews featuring the hottest new sexy design talent. We cover all price ranges from DIY to designer decadence: it’s nice to daydream about beautiful things, even if we can’t afford them.

Creative Director and Style Editor, Chrissie Nicholson-Wild, is an expert in corsetry, both making and wearing and will be posting up lots of useful tit bits and  taking a regular delve into corset history as well as featuring the occasional sensual craft project that you can all join in with at your leisure.


Music and sex go together like anal and lube. Featuring the best new music currently getting us excited, plus the frankly super-standout stuff that knocks us sideways leaving us gasping for more, Cliterati’s music section is your go-to for the hottest earth-shattering sonics. We explore our musical heroines: from the Jazz greats through hippie chicks, rock icons, pierced punks, riot grrrls and R&B babes, to pop princesses, female dance DJs and producers, and other contemporary artists. We talk to women working both in front and behind the scenes in the music business, finding out what makes them tick, their musical recommendations – and what it’s really like to be female in such a male-dominated industry. We chat to the men too, whether that’s the guys beavering away in the background or the frontmen we all love to love. We also examine androgyny and sexual fluidity in music, whilst our MILF section (that’s Musos I’d Like To – we’re sure you know the rest) showcases the sexiest songsters around – whatever their gender or sexuality.

We explore the ever murky crossover world of music and fashion, looking at how the two worlds have collided in the past, and where we’re headed to next. So don’t bin your brothel creepers just yet! And we pick the best gigs with the slickest acts and sleaziest beats. If music be the food of love, then we’re your all-you-can-eat buffet. Get ready for some serious aural pleasure…

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