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It can be hard to keep up with what’s going on in the world of sex. Reproductive rights, censorship, safe sex initiatives and sexual controls and regulations are in the news almost every day. At Cliterati, we sift through all the latest news to find the truth and assess the facts rather than the fuss.

Similarly, hundreds of new toys are released every year which can make it hard to know what to opt for, Our committed team of reviewers has tested over 1,000 toys over the last decade, making Cliterati uniquely positioned in understanding what’s out there – and how it works. We test the latest toys to let you know what – if anything – is worth adding to your toy box. While we do receive review samples for free, we will only give a positive review if we genuinely like a product. If we don’t rate a product, we don’t review it for the site.

In some cases, Cliterati staff have been involved in the production of items that we review. This is noted accordingly as a declaration of interest. However, none of us would produce anything we thought was rubbish so any positive reviews of work done by the team are a result of that rather than any nepotism.

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Sex isn’t just about the fun stuff: with great pleasure comes great responsibility, so we’ll also keep you informed about the latest sex news, from reproductive rights to health campaigns, sexuality conferences  to sex-related award ceremonies. Knowledge is power, after all.

But of course, sex can be frivolous and celebratory too, It’s not what you know but who you know, and at Cliterati we’re connected in to the top event organisers in the sex scene. From cabaret and burlesque to fetish and swinging nights, we keep you updated with all the sexiest events around. And


From toys to books, lingerie to films, we immerse ourselves in all things erotic to find the best for you. we look for the safest, most stylish and most versatile toys; the quirkiest, most original and useful designs; and the most diverse, genuinely sex positive films, from ‘how to’ guides to documentaries, and maybe the occasional dash of feminist or otherwise alt porn.

Where possible, we include affiliate links with reviews to allow us to generate revenue from our writing. This does not affect the integrity of the review.We review products from all toy companies whether we are affiliated with them or not.

We are, however, funded through our shop, so please do buy your toys from us if you want cliterati to last another decade.


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In addition to the news and review coverage on the site, Cliterati also has a daily newsletter, Inside the Cliterati, focussing on the top sex news of the day.
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