We’ve had lots of lovely coverage over the years, online and off. Here are few of our favourite quotes.

August 2001

“Showing a hard cock is still a bit tricky and soft ones aren’t that appealing.”
Cliterati in The Register

Oct 2001

“Why are women logging on for sex? To be blunt, orgasms.”
Cliterati in Bella

Jan 2002

“Porn is no longer just for old men in grubby raincoats. Created by a group of women frustrated at the lack of female friendly erotica, cliterati is full of reviews, books, sexual health and features on everything from willy size to the ins and outs of anal sex.”
Cliterati in Company

Feb 2002

“Women who would never have dared enter a sleazy blokes’ sex store in the Eighties or to ask for a top-shelf flesh rag in the Nineties can access sexually-arousing material on the net at home. And, as the new, female-managed text porn site,, exclaims: ‘Women like sex too.'”

Cliterati in The Guardian

April 2002

“A lot of women are still embarrassed about masturbation. Through our website we want to break that taboo.”
Cliterati in Cosmopolitan

July 2003

“We have served about 200 pages to the Vatican City,.”
Cliterati in AVN (the leading title for the adult industry in the US)

July 2012

“One of the advantages of erotica is that it can help spread a safer sex message. It’s about education. BDSM isn’t to be taken lightly but then, neither is any other kind of sex.”
Cliterati on This Morning

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