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Cliterati exists as much more than just a website.  We’re also available across various social media channels, with much more than just links to stories on the site. Let us know about any sexual health campaigns or fab new sex toys, stay in touch with the team and keep updated with the latest sex news, research and discussion by following us on Twitter

If you prefer your stimulation presented in a more visual way, our Pinterest boards contain inspiration for future photoshoots, pictures of hot people of every gender, links to luscious lingerie and beautiful boudoir accessories, videos of our favourite performers and anything else that we find visually sexy.

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Should you enjoy staying on top of all the latest stories of a less salacious nature that have been added to Cliterati, follow us on Facebook. From sex science to relationship advice, new research to decadent design, Cliterati will help provide the ultimate erotic education.

And if you want to ensure you’ve got the very latest sex news, subscribe to our free daily newsletter Inside the Cliterati. From the realities of sex addiction to burning books, criminalisation of cybersex to hot new sex toys, Inside the Cliterati keeps you informed about any sexual developments, discussions and infringements: as soon as we hear something, you do too. And there are lots of competitions too.

Is there a social media platform you’d like us to be on? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

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