Artcore: Ophelia Bitz

Where does one start with Ophelia Bitz? Describing herself as a ‘Fire-eating vocalist, ring-mistress, compere and performance artist with a reputation for stealing hearts, drinks, and anything else not nailed to the table,,” this only skims the surface of this fabulously filthy filly. Imagine Dorothy Parker, with a dash of Edgar Allen Poe,  a predilection for porn and a shaker

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Style: Ratti Apparel

If you’re stuck for some seriously stylish and effortlessly cool yet comfortable weekend wear – and let’s face it, a big woolly jumper or hoodie isn’t always appropriate – then you need look no further than Ratti Apparel. Casual but classy, the collection comprises loose vests and batwing sweaters with quirky embroidered designs inspired by

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Books: Dessert

Dessert is Lily Harlem’s contribution to Ellora’s Cave’s EC for Men range – and the story is just as hot as the cover – hotter, in fact! It’s the story of John Alan, a divorced guy who runs an incredibly successful chain of shops which sell outdoor clothes and equipment. He’s taken for dinner by a

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Books: Lure of Forever

Article first published as eBook Review: Lure of Forever by Doris O’Connor on Blogcritics. Lure of Forever is the second book in Doris O’Connor’sLure series. Me being me, I accidentally read this one first. However, it didn’t matter at all as the story stands perfectly well alone. This paranormal erotic romance tells the story of Lucas, a three thousand year old

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Welcome to Cliterati

The web is full of smut but there’s very little out there for the discerning woman. Forget sites with endless pop-up windows that charge outrageous sums of money. Forget endless pictures of women with Photoshopped bodies and ever-welcoming genitals.

Ask Cliterati: What to Do With a Large Penis

I may sound like I’m bragging but I really do have a problem because my penis is too big – it’s nine inches long and extremely thick. My girlfriend’s quite small down below and we have continually tried to have sex. I can only get about two inches in and then it hurts her because

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Books: Good Vibrations

Article first published as eBook Review: Good Vibrations by KT Grant on Blogcritics. Good Vibrations is the first title in Decadent Publishing’s new series – The Edge – that I’ve read, as well as my first KT Grant title. On both of those accounts, I’d happily read more. Good Vibrations is a seriously hot lesbian erotic romance story. It tells the

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Artcore: HOM Collection Spring 2012

Hellish as it is looking at men parading in their pants, it’s something we’re prepared to suffer to help find the sexiest male undies around. Sadly, we couldn’t make our mind up about our favourites so we thought it fairest to share this video full of men in pants with you so that you can

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Ask Cliterati: Why am I Still Itchy?

Three months ago I took the morning after pill, which caused me to get thrush. Now, it keeps coming back. I have used over the counter products three times, have cut out on yeasty foods, worn loose clothes and sometimes no knickers and even washed my vagina with water. I am fed up of this

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Quickies: Hugh Hefner

“Part of the sexual revolution is bringing rationality to sexuality — because when you don’t embrace sexuality in a normal way, you get the twisted kinds, and the kinds that destroy lives.”

Sex News 18th July by Robert Page

Sex at the Olympics? Who would have known? But we would, if we’d thought about it – of course there are sexual olympics at the Olympics. To service them, condoms will be as abundantly available as Big Macs in the Olympic Village. And they have their own sponsor. British manufacturer, Durex, will be making tens

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Books: Sex Tips For Girls

Written to accompany the Channel 4 series, Sex Tips for Girls a few years back, this is one of those rare TV Tie-in books that’s better than the TV show it’s based on. Written in Everett’s familiar wry style, it covers everything you could possibly want to know about foreplay, sex positions, orgasm, spicing things up

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