Sex Songs: Washington Square

If music is the food of love then we like ours decadent – and you can’t get a lot more decadent than The Correspondents. Comprising enigmatic, flamboyant and divinely dirty Mr Bruce (he looks hot and draws hotter) and master mixer Chucks, The Correspondents expertly blend dance music from Jazz to 60’s Beat, Electro to Dubstep to Drum’n’Bass,

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Sexual Health Week: PSA by The Wet Spots

The Wet Spots are one of our favourite acts: cabaret glamour, comedy and excellent sex ed all at once. Who better to illustrate the point that Sexual Health Week isn’t just about using condoms. PSA is all about the risks of putting things that aren’t designed for the purpose where the sun doesn’t shine. Enjoy.

Girl Crush: Missy Elliott

Clearly one of the most talented ladies in the musical world, La Elliott is the closest thing to a bird with bollocks this side of the operating table. Well-respected as a rapper, singer-songwriter and producer, not only is Melissa ‘Missy’ Elliott the only female rapper to have six platinum albums in the US, but she’s

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Sex Ed Songs: Boyfriend’s Girlfriend by Must Be Tuesday

Polyamory can be hard for people to understand. Luckily, Must Be Tuesday explains it brilliantly in her song Boyfriend’s Girlfriend. Enjoy.

Sex Ed Songs: Do You Take it by The Wet Spots

  As the creator’s of amazing sex ed comedy DVD, Sing Your Way to Better Sex, who could be better to launch our Sex Ed Songs section than The Wet Spots? Do You Take It? is packed with useful bum sex tips – and a good way to introduce the topic of anal to your

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MILF: Andre 3000

If there’s one thing we like here at Cliterati, it’s a man who’s talented enough to embrace his creativity on a multitude of levels – and in Andre ‘Dre’ Benjamin we’ve found a superb Muso We’d Like To… He really is the perfect package (in more ways than one!). Hat-wearing multi-instrumentalist, producer, rapper, singer, artist,

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Hot Release: Inside My Love by Delilah

Inside My Love is a lush electronic landscape of breathy vocals and, er, promised orgasms, with boxer-busting lyrics such as “You can see inside me/ Will you come inside me?/ Do you wanna ride me?” leaving very littleto the imagination (except perhaps the invention of X-Ray glasses). However, to dismiss this overt sexuality as mere

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Hot Release: Lazy Habits by Lazy Habits

One of the best up-and-coming bands of the festival and big gig circuits is the Lazy Habits. They’ve supported the likes of Mos Def, The Specials and Beardyman, so it’s no surprise to hear they play intelligent hip-hop with a conscience, integrating funk and soul yet still somehow managing to sound contemporary. This isn’t an

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Archive Aural: Who Is He (And What Is He To You)? by Bill Withers

This 1972 Bill Withers track about jealousy is written from the perspective of a cuckolded man. Bill sings of walking down the street with his girl, and being stared down by a man they pass: ‘Ahh, somethin’ in my heart and in your eye/ Tells me he’s not someone just passin’ by….And now when I

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Girl Crush: Brody Dalle

Cliterati has serious lady lust for Aussie Brody Dalle (born Bree Pucilowski), raging guitarist and dominant vocalist of now-defunct band The Distillers. It’s not just that she admirably based her stage surname on film actress Béatrice Dalle (Betty Blue being a Cliterati favourite, and its similarly unhinged star Béa an equal attraction). It’s also that

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Hot Release: Tessellate by Alt-J

This week’s hot release is Alt-J’s Tessellate, which keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton has been quoted as saying is “about boning”. The quartet met at Leeds Uni, and after a brief tussle with the band name FILMS they settled instead on Alt-J (two keys which make the sign of a triangle, or ∆, when pressed together on an Apple computer).

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MILF: Jack White

To celebrate Jack White’s 37th birthday this week, we thought we’d give him the honour of being Cliterati’s inaugural Muso We’d Like To…ahem… Yes, there are many unmentionable things we’d like to do with one of the most talented musos around today, and since such activities are better left to our imagination (and yours too

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Snog Song #1: Hermitude: Speak Of The Devil

This laid back beats track with its chilled out Aussie vibe is a great one for snogging in the sun. In Cliterati’s mind we’re listening to it half-drunk at a festival, bathed by the afternoon light, dancing in front of an outdoor stage. Cliterati’s doing that move you do when you push your behind against

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