Erotica: The Third Way

“The blonde in the red dress?” “Mmm – nice smile. Or what about the Chinese girl in the jeans?” “Great arse.” Alex and Charlotte were playing one of their favourite games; spotting who they were going to take home for the evening. It always started in the same way. They’d look for a while, identify

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Erotica: Testing by R.I Dolic

There was the sound of rain spattering against the window mixed with the noises of the bus’ engine. We swayed along with the momentum caused by turning a corner, and let the curves of the road push us closer together. She was resting her hand against the side of my thigh, palm outwards. There was

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Book Extract: Lover Unexpected – Sappho Edition

Natalia smiled as she caught sight of the familiar redhead sitting in the hotel bar. Thankful for the thick carpet masking her footsteps, she walked towards her friend from the back, ensuring she wouldn’t be seen. Then, she slipped her hands over her eyes. “Guess who?” An excitable squeak, then, “Oh, I don’t know. Is

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Erotica: Virtual Desires

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Erotica: The Kiss

I’ve got a date with a girl this Saturday. I still can’t quite believe it’s happened. I’ve never really gone for women before – I mean, I’ve fantasised about them occasionally, but hasn’t everyone? It started last night. I work at a magazine. We were out mixing business with pleasure, celebrating the new girl joining

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Erotica: Legal Affairs

Ben was a lawyer. I’d noticed him at the bar one night, talking with his colleagues about one of his cases. He didn’t act like a  typical lawyer: he seemed to genuinely care about his client, and making sure justice was done. I watched him out the corner of my eye as he defended himself

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Book Extract: Delicious Divas

Burnt Sugar by Anna Sansom – featured in Delicious Divas The thing about going out on your own is that you always have to find something to occupy yourself with.  I don’t smoke so the option of posing casually with a cigarette was out; I’m not the type to take a book to a social

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Erotica: The Private Party

The stiff cardboard was embossed with letters so subtle as to require me to tilt it in the light to be able to read the words etched on its surface. “The Frisson Ball: for sexual adventurers, libertines and deviants” I smiled wryly to myself. It would be safe to say that I fitted into all

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Erotica: If You Go Down to the Woods Today

I’ve always been a city boy. I need the noise and 24/7 entertainment: bars full of beautiful women, easily seduced with cocktails; all-night clubs and  greasy spoons serving breakfast all night and day.

Erotica: Messing Around in Boats

My grandfather had always waxed lyrical about the river, saying it was the only place that he could truly forget his cares. He’d often invited me fishing with him, telling me that I’d love the cove, but I’d always declined. So when he died, and left me his fishing gear, it seemed only fair to

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Erotica: A Taste of Stardom

Drifting off to sleep after a good orgasm was one of the nicest feelings in the world, thought Jasmine as she snuggled deep into the blue velvet sheet. She could understand why the tabloids had dubbed Byron Khamoun the ‘Foreplay Pharoah’ after one particularly outspoken kiss-and-tell story. An exotic hybrid of Syrian and Jamaican, his

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Erotica: Fair Game

Annalise and I were bored. We’d been workmates for five years and flatmates for three but that wasn’t the problem. We got on brilliantly and even had the occasional snog when we were pissed.

Erotica: The Cunning Linguist

I’d really like to pork you.” The belch that followed this erotic request only served to emphasise the charm of the speaker, an obvious City boy with a face that had the puffiness of a heavy drinker who lived on junk food, and a body that, though slim, hinted at imminent rebellion around the stomach.

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Erotica: Hot Crush

  I’ve got a crush. I’m sure it shouldn’t happen at my age. I’m approaching 30 but I feel like a teenager, although the thoughts running through my mind are far from teenage. I met Adam through mutual friends a while back. Conversation was easy and we ended up swapping details. He emailed me the

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Erotica: The Business Trip

I’d only ever seen him online. His picture was on a business site, not a dating site, but something about his photo gave me the horn right away. As I read more about him, he became more appealing; intelligent, amusing, intense.

Erotica: Bi Guy First Time

This is the story of the first time I got with a guy. I’ve been thinking of writing it down for some time, and I hope you enjoy it. I think it’s pretty horny anyway! First, a bit about me. I’m 26 years old and living with a long term girlfriend. No talk of marriage

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Erotica: I Want You

I’m so glad you gave me your number. I noticed you a while ago. Whenever we’ve exchanged looks or chatted, I’ve been tense with anticipation. When I saw you in the girl bar, I couldn’t believe my luck. My only worry was gone – I wasn’t misreading your friendliness. You do like women. And after

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Erotica: Letting It Go

The melancholy wail of the alto saxophone lingered in the air as Ian packed up his sax and left the stage. The audience stayed silent until the last vestiges of the notes drifted away, paying homage to the music they’d been moved by before breaking into enthusiastic applause. Ian smiled, feeling the adrenaline rush of

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Book Extract: Smut by the Sea

The thrum of anticipation had been rushing through my body ever since we’d set off that morning. By the time we passed the sign welcoming us to Hunstanton and made our way into the long stay car park, I was almost delirious with excitement. The worst part was, I had to hide it from my

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Erotica: Holiday Heat by Anonymous

He looked up and took his sunglasses off for a moment. I couldn’t be certain, but I felt sure that he had seen me. The sun was beating down upon his tanned body. He looked fantastic and I had been teasing myself all day with thoughts of the things he could do to me. I

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Book Extract: Stockholm Surrender

  With my window letting in the sounds of the city, I spread my notes on my bed and tapped away on my netbook. The history of law was everyone’s most hated subject, but I knew the sooner I tackled it the better. Leaving it to the last minute would be crazy. Eventually though, as

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Erotica: Shopping Around

I always used to think that doing the weekly shop was boring – until the day I pulled a couple of gorgeous blokes outside my local supermarket. When I left the house, I hadn’t had anything more in mind than stocking up the fridge for the week ahead. As usual, I’d gone mad and bought

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Erotica: Playing the Game

He’s sitting at a table in the bar when I walk in. I’ve been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever. He’s cooly sipping his pint, but his eyes have the same evil glint as mine do. Of course, we’re meeting as friends. But we both know that we’ll be leaving as lovers.

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Book Extract: Reluctant Romance – Guys and Girls

“Oooh, they’re singing the national anthem—not long till kick off now.” I snuggle back into the sofa, tucking my legs up behind me, and lean my head on the shoulder of my enemy. “Oh, yes?” he questions, lifting my chin. “Oh, come on. I always watch the telly like this—are you telling me you don’t

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