Offers: 75% off Toys and Lingerie

There’s up to 75% off sex toys and lingerie in the  Lovehoney Summer Sale (our lovely shopping partners – see them in action here  in More Sex Please, We’re British (Channel 4) Bargains include: Minna Ola Programmable Vibe: the world’s first fully customisable vibrator, normally £119.99, now £35; the Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator usually £29.99,

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Sex Science: Women Like Porn Too

Here’s a game: watch any sitcom, panel show, or stand-up act. When the topic turns to sex, see how long it is before a woman is painted as a gold-digger, a prude, or someone whose sole interest in sex is as a tool to get things from other people. Then turn the telly off. There

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The Rules of Love… For Perverts*

*Otherwise known as the seven habits of highly effective kinky people. I thought I’d kick off my career as a columnist by sharing some romantic stories, most of which involve consensual pain, bondage and/or bollock torture. Start as we mean to go on, eh? The course of true love never did run smooth, but

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Sexually Cliterate: Introducing Toys into Your Relationship

Nowadays, over half of all women own at least one vibrator, a third of strap-on dildos are bought by straight couples to be used on the man and even sex toys for men are becoming more common. But is this a good thing? A lot of people – particularly men – feel intimidated by sex

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Sexually Cliterate: How to Make Your Own Erotic Film

Lots of people have a video camera hidden away in the cupboard gathering dust. The camera that makes it out every now and again for holidays and Christmas, before its tapes sit in a drawer never to see the light of day. But in these credit-crunch evenings, more and more couples are staying in and

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Sexually Cliterate: A Beginner’s Guide to Fisting

If you’re into penetration then you might want to try vaginal fisting. Despite the word being as intimidating as hell, it can be an intense way to orgasm. It’s far easier with a partner unless you have very bendy wrists but, if you want to test out whether it’s for you, try it first with

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Sexually Cliterate: The Politics and Practicalities of Pubic Shaving

In the last few years, pube removal has been increasing in popularity, courtesy of porn, women’s magazines and, of course, The Only Way is Essex with its infamous vajazzling. And while waxing is the most talked about way to defoliate downstairs, many women (understandably) don’t want to go through the grief of having hot waxed

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Single Vs Settled: Making the Best of Both

When it comes to relationships and sex, people are all too inclined to think the grass is greener – if they’re single they’ll think that being in a relationship is all sex on tap and romantic weekends. If they’re attached they’ll miss the – often fictitious – crowds of hot totty they’re missing out on.

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Sexually Cliterate: The Art of Striptease

Striptease has its roots way back in history, with origins as far back as 4BC, when the Sumerian Tablets were created, including depictions of the goddess Inanna who removed an item of clothing at each of the seven gates of the Underworld on her descent into hell. This myth was subsequently revisited in the Bible,

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Cunt cupcakes

Cup cakes have made a huge come back in recent years along with the immense vintage trend that has threatened to sweep us all up in a huge wave of nostalgia. But it can be most surprising while sipping one’s afternoon tea that your hostess places some anatomically correct vaginal cup cakes on the platter.

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Spiritual Sex: Is Tantra Worth It?

Nowadays, it’s easy to perceive sex as being a purely physical thing. Seemingly every day, another sex memoir hits the shelves documenting someone’s casual sex experiences, another sex position guide hits the shelves telling people how to ‘do it’ in 103 different positions and another porn site pops up online, allowing people to share their

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Sexually Cliterate: Can You Find Your Own Clitoris?

For years, jokes have been cracked about men’s ineptitude when it comes to finding the clitoris. However, you may be surprised to discover the clit is so much more than the little nub most people associate it with.

Don’t Rape

Eloquent advice to men courtesy of Starling, guest-blogging on Shapely Prose.