Artcore: Michelle Mildenhall

UK based artist Michelle Mildenhall is an artist with a distinctive style. She creates fetish art, combining striking imagery with her passion for latex in a new and innovative way. On her web site she gives us a glimpse of her beautiful eye catching collection of portraits made in a genuinely ground breaking way. Every artwork is designed and

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Artcore: Molly Crabapple

At Cliterati, we’ve long been fans of the lovely Ms Crabapple and her absurdly prolific career. Along with co-host, aesthetic arbitrator and graphic design god, John Leavitt, she founded Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.

Artcore: Pussy Cat

How many words for vagina do you know? Here are 69 to peruse, all laid out in a pussy (created using the rather lovely tagxedo.). From a honey-hole to a pocketbook, enchilada to muff, each phrase gives an indication of the perception of women.

Comment: The Trouble With Porn

As a woman who has had no small involvement in the adult industry – from writing scripts and editing magazines to appearing as a (clothed) extra in one porn film and directing another* – it’s safe to say I’m no prude. I’m an advocate of the Spanner Trust. I have various female (and feminist) porn director friends. I’ve seen

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Artcore: Erika Lust

“I’m feminist and porn director.” So says Erika Lust, who makes some of the most beautiful erotic films imaginable. However, when it comes to using the term ‘feminist’, it’s not a black and white issue to Lust. ”

Artcore: Ophelia Bitz

Where does one start with Ophelia Bitz? Describing herself as a ‘Fire-eating vocalist, ring-mistress, compere and performance artist with a reputation for stealing hearts, drinks, and anything else not nailed to the table,,” this only skims the surface of this fabulously filthy filly. Imagine Dorothy Parker, with a dash of Edgar Allen Poe,  a predilection for porn and a shaker

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Welcome to Cliterati

The web is full of smut but there’s very little out there for the discerning woman. Forget sites with endless pop-up windows that charge outrageous sums of money. Forget endless pictures of women with Photoshopped bodies and ever-welcoming genitals.