Toy Review: Erotic Dice by Pipedream

…And now for something completely different! Yes, we’re talking about the glow-in-the-dark Erotic Dice by industry stalwarts Pipedream, which may hit high in the novelty states but are no less valid an item worthy of review. In fact, these dice are surprisingly compelling: one die shows the body parts ‘Lips, Boobs, Nipples, Body, Toes’ and

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Book Extract: Tease Me In Texas by Annabella Wolf

Caprice stood in front of the full-length mirror, her hands on her hips. She was still wearing her hot- red, short dressing gown, but it was about time to put something else on. One last look out the window and she became exasperated; the winter was stopping her from showing any skin. And Caprice had

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Erotica: Sweet Dreams Are Made of These by Blacksilk

OK, so perhaps erotica is cheating here. This is erotic fiction of a kind, sure, but it’s not a story I ever consciously crafted. What you’re getting here is a a slice taken directly from my unconscious imagination as I share with you a sexy sapphic dream I had a few years back. Sex dreams

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Artcore: Pippa the Ripper

At Cliterati, we love talented and quirky acts, particularly if there’s an element of magic to the performance. And as far as we’re concerned, hula-hooping is magic. (Yes, we know there’s a science to hula hooping but no matter how many lessons we’ve have, such science eludes us and instead, we continue to prove the laws of

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Erotica: Hands On By Molly Moore

I was trying to take a picture of my dishevelled bed hair but in my usual style I had got distracted and found myself experimenting with the light created by the late evening sun. The house was silent, but outside the occasional rumble of a car on the road beyond our window would remind us

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Erotica: Homecoming by the Gateway Boyfriend

God, I love fucking you. Being inside of you is like coming home. I love the way you grip me, slick and tight. I love the way your body feels beneath me. I know it completely–the curve of your hip, the pulse at your neck, the rhythm of your hips, the feel of your hands

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Book Extract: Thrones of Desire

‘Flesh and Stone’ by Sacchi Green, Thrones of Desire, edited by Mitzi Szereto (Cleis, 2012) A scarlet-crested helmet shadowed the face above me. I cast my eyes downward, willing my body to the stillness of any inanimate work of art. “What price for this one?” The voice was low, husky—and female. Hope rippled across my skin.

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Erotica: Just the Beginning?

I think I have always understood what men find sexy in certain women – some have a sensual softness and allure, others a raw sexuality. While I very much crave, and have to have, a hard, smooth rigid cock, I have always been intrigued and turned on by women. I suppose because of this, and

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Erotica: Phoning Home

  Hi sexy. I just had to give you a call to say thanks for last night. You looked stunning. I loved the dress you were wearing – the way that it hugs your hips and clings to your bum is perfect. It was all I could do not to rip your clothes off as

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Erotica: If You Go Down to the Woods Today

I’ve always been a city boy. I need the noise and 24/7 entertainment: bars full of beautiful women, easily seduced with cocktails; all-night clubs and  greasy spoons serving breakfast all night and day.

Erotica: Holiday Heat by Anonymous

He looked up and took his sunglasses off for a moment. I couldn’t be certain, but I felt sure that he had seen me. The sun was beating down upon his tanned body. He looked fantastic and I had been teasing myself all day with thoughts of the things he could do to me. I

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The web is full of smut but there’s very little out there for the discerning woman. Forget sites with endless pop-up windows that charge outrageous sums of money. Forget endless pictures of women with Photoshopped bodies and ever-welcoming genitals.