Why do kink when you can do ‘Ecstatic BDSM’?

Why just do kink when you can do ‘Ecstatic BDSM’? That’s the question London Faerie aims to answer at The Purple Door, a two-day workshop in London, on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September. The workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to Ecstatic BDSM – sometimes also called ‘conscious kink’ – for anyone with any level of

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Sexual Pioneers: Dr Beverly Whipple by Robert Page

Dr Beverly Whipple is best known as the inventor of the G Spot – so much so, she tells me with a twinkle in her eye, that a colleague initially suggested it be called “Whipple’s Tickle”.  She ultimately went for the name the G Spot in recognition of the work of the eminent German obstetrician,

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Artcore: Molly Crabapple

At Cliterati, we’ve long been fans of the lovely Ms Crabapple and her absurdly prolific career. Along with co-host, aesthetic arbitrator and graphic design god, John Leavitt, she founded Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.