Erotica: The Train Journey

Lisa was in a bad mood. She’d got a job interview in Manchester and was facing a long train journey. OK, so she was grateful for the interview – working for a new women’s magazine – but she loathed train travel with a passion.

Erotica: Golden Hand by K L Gillespie

Rush hour was well under way and Molly had already picked two pockets by the time she arrived at Victoria Station. She worked the main concourse for twenty minutes before jumping into a black cab and heading over to the city where the richest pickings were to be had. She always took taxis, unless she

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Erotica: I Couldn’t Resist

It had started innocently enough. We were out with a group of friends, chatting to each other about work and getting immersed in some debate about the latest case of insider trading. As we drank more, we became more touchy-feely. He’d emphasise his point with a hand on my thigh. I’d punch him in the

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