Four days later

I had missed him. It had only been four days, but it felt like an eternity and I ached from his absence. The emptiness was now palpable. Six o’clock – he was supposed to be here now. I gripped my phone, looking at it every few seconds, knowing full well it would make a noise if

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The Sofa by Exhibit A #8

Here’s a story from Exhibit A which follows on from the wonderful Live From The Hotel Z posted last week. The Sofa There was a sofa in her office. It was long and deep, and made of brown leather, faded from years of use. She caught me looking at it as she fetched her purse, and

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Erotica: The Business Trip

I’d only ever seen him online. His picture was on a business site, not a dating site, but something about his photo gave me the horn right away. As I read more about him, he became more appealing; intelligent, amusing, intense.

Erotica: Forbidden Fruit

  He was gorgeous; a glint in his eye, a dirty smile always threatening to break across his lips – generally, exactly my type. I wanted him from the moment we met. I was with my boyfriend, James so I couldn’t drag him off to fuck him but when I got home and James fell

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