Book Extract: Tease Me In Texas by Annabella Wolf

Caprice stood in front of the full-length mirror, her hands on her hips. She was still wearing her hot- red, short dressing gown, but it was about time to put something else on. One last look out the window and she became exasperated; the winter was stopping her from showing any skin. And Caprice had

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Erotica: The Good Girl by Just Jane

I’m a good girl. A very good girl. I know that’s so, for everyone says I am.  Always.  From earliest days, cute little blonde-topped angel in my Sunday best, through to upright responsible teenager  in pressed blue jeans and crisp white blouse, the account of my personal goodness has been exemplary: spotless. “You can trust Jenny”.  It’s a motto,

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Erotica: Hot Desires

I’ve been reading over the e-mails you’ve sent me and I’ve come to one conclusion. You’re are filth….and you have *no* idea how much that turns me on. Or maybe you do. That first mail you sent – I thought it was a joke. You’re way out of my league! Sorry if my response wasn’t

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Erotica: Bathtime

“Hi gorgeous. Been thinking about you – especially after last night. You were amazing! I’m bored out of my mind here – but you know work. I guess you must be in the bath. And I could be there with you right now. How annoyed am I? I want to be in the bath with

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Erotica: Skin Deep

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that people are all too eager to judge on appearances. If someone’s fat, they’re considered lazy; if they’re thin people accuse them of being fashion-obsessed and desperate to impress; and if, like me, they’re blonde and large breasted, there’s only one possible explanation. They’re stupid. This

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Erotica: Phoning Home

  Hi sexy. I just had to give you a call to say thanks for last night. You looked stunning. I loved the dress you were wearing – the way that it hugs your hips and clings to your bum is perfect. It was all I could do not to rip your clothes off as

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Erotica: Legal Affairs

Ben was a lawyer. I’d noticed him at the bar one night, talking with his colleagues about one of his cases. He didn’t act like a  typical lawyer: he seemed to genuinely care about his client, and making sure justice was done. I watched him out the corner of my eye as he defended himself

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Erotica: If You Go Down to the Woods Today

I’ve always been a city boy. I need the noise and 24/7 entertainment: bars full of beautiful women, easily seduced with cocktails; all-night clubs and  greasy spoons serving breakfast all night and day.

Erotica: Messing Around in Boats

My grandfather had always waxed lyrical about the river, saying it was the only place that he could truly forget his cares. He’d often invited me fishing with him, telling me that I’d love the cove, but I’d always declined. So when he died, and left me his fishing gear, it seemed only fair to

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Erotica: A Taste of Stardom

Drifting off to sleep after a good orgasm was one of the nicest feelings in the world, thought Jasmine as she snuggled deep into the blue velvet sheet. She could understand why the tabloids had dubbed Byron Khamoun the ‘Foreplay Pharoah’ after one particularly outspoken kiss-and-tell story. An exotic hybrid of Syrian and Jamaican, his

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Erotica: The Cunning Linguist

I’d really like to pork you.” The belch that followed this erotic request only served to emphasise the charm of the speaker, an obvious City boy with a face that had the puffiness of a heavy drinker who lived on junk food, and a body that, though slim, hinted at imminent rebellion around the stomach.

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Erotica: The Business Trip

I’d only ever seen him online. His picture was on a business site, not a dating site, but something about his photo gave me the horn right away. As I read more about him, he became more appealing; intelligent, amusing, intense.

Erotica: A Romantic Break

Sarah and I had been together for five years but, truth be told, sex wasn’t what it used to be. Even though I still thought she was gorgeous, whenever I reached out for her she always seemed to be tired. I’d begun to find my eyes wandering – even though I felt horribly guilty about

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